Area! Cartoon Comedy [Short Videos] Crack the Ribs of Football Fans in Nigeria – Ask for More!

 Area! Cartoon Comedy (short video clips) made popular by ONTV, has brought a lot of comic relieves to households across Nigeria and beyond. It’s entertainment taken to a different dimension to capture those lifestyles and cultures of our society that are very comical.

Have you viewed: Rush Hour, Lastman, Owo Money, You Fear Evil Spirit, Police Harassment, Fuel Subsidy, Igba Ukwu… these videos have long gone viral on YouTube – over 1.5 million views and 200, 000 downloads.

Since 2013, Area! Has began to capture the attention of football fans with perhaps its most popular video BALLISTIC (Why Arsene Wenger Signed Ozil) – over 200, 000 views and 65,000 downloads. The video clip became talk of the town, especially among football faithfuls. Click below to watch the video, it’ll crack your Ribs.

BALLISTIC was some how controversial in the sense that it was a direct attack on Arsenal supporters. In those days when the men from Ermirate Stadium were recording spite of poor results. And many Chelsea fans would download Ballistic and send the video to their friend, who is an Arsenal supporter. Especially when Arsenal losses a game to any smaller team like Wigan Athletics.

Today, there is a boomerang and Arsenal fans are calling out to the producers of Area!, to come up with a New video on Chelsea. “DOWN BLUES! (Mourniho na Real Cantafit!) or WILD-WILD-WEST (Is Jose Mourniho Going Gaga?). Almost any other team in the English Premiership has walloped Chelsea and according to Farouk Salau, an ardent Arsenal fan in Nigeria: “I think Jose Mourniho is gradually going crazy!”

Sports and Comedy intertwined, may have just given birth to a new genre of entertainment. It’s amazing the kind of attention Sports Comedy is getting this days. Football fans are always on the look out for any comic expression about a celebrity athlete or team.

But Basketmouth, a popular stand-up comedian in Nigeria said: “Football-comedy isn’t really ‘new’ in the actual sense. It has always been there.  “In fact, football and comedy are intertwined into an inseparable marriage.”

“Have you ever been to the Popular Side of any stadium in Nigeria? You’ll  hear all sought of funny things about the game, teams, individual players or Coaches.”

 “This is the reason I love to go sit at the popular side. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t about Low ticket Price, but because of the comic relief I derive. I enjoy the game in a whole different way.” Basketmouth explained.

“I think what is happening today is more attention and focus is being given to it now.”

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