Sponsorship Letter of Request Stinks - Don't You Ever Send It to A Company?

Yes, Sponsorship letter of Request smells like shit... Of course, it can only be useful for nothing but to clean the anus and thrown into the waste basket.

Sorry, let me use a mild language... your sponsorship letter of Request can only be good for groundnut sellers to wrap their nuts... nobody will waste valuable time reading it, NOBODY!

Seriously, do people sending these things actually think they can “request” a company's marketing money, and it’s just handed to them that way? So you mean there’s no plan or strategy that goes into spending all of that allocated marketing budget... they are just there for the asking??

Unfortunately, that’s more or less how most sponsorship letters of request sound, I understand that some people don’t know any better, and they display their ignorance on rampage - but I can tell you now, your "Letter of Request" is so annoying to  brand managers..
 Let me tell you what those letters actually say to prospective sponsors:

“Dear MTN,  Please, give us some money. We really need it for this program event... We're so worthy, in fact, we don’t even need to make a business case to access your marketing budget!
Here’s a thumbnail about the football event. Yeah, we know it’s not customized – or even targeted. But we are sure the tournament will be great and your CEO will love it.
Meanwhile,  we have sent this same request to about 400 companies and we hope your company will be the first to take up the sponsorship... and transfer the money to our bank account as soon as possible. We await your positive response. Thank you."

That's trash! Maybe you have no idea what a sponsorship proposal is suppose to look like...but is this the letter you want to be sending?  Is it going to get you the Sponsorship money you are looking for?

In fact, you may even burn a bridge with a brand that could have been a great prospect, if you hadn’t demonstrated that you either don’t know what you’re doing or you don't care.

If you want to raise sponsorship money, you need to put forth your very best proposal the first time. The first document they ever see from you should be fully customized, include bespoke leverage ideas, and create a full business case for how it works for them. What is in it for the prospective Sponsor?

It needs to be attractive enough so that your contact can use it to get internal buy-in from other departments. It needs to be complete enough for them to say “yes” without asking for more information. It should be able to answer all possible objections proactively.

How do you create a proposal like that?

You truly need help... and If you feel so, contact GreenHunter Sports International... We can bring to bear our expertise on this matter, for just an affordable fee. But whatever you decide to do, don’t send another letter of request, PLEASE!

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