How Helen Mukoro's Superior-Options Make Billions of Naira By Managing Government Abandoned/ Under-utilized Sports Facilities, Hotels and Real Estates in Nigeria

If there's one thing you can easily find in Nigeria, they are government abondoned or under-utilized properties scattered everywhere in the country. Of course, government ministries and parastatals have shown over the years that they are not good managers of resources.

 One that has made caricature out of government,  is the Former National Stadium Surulere Lagos. As if to make jest out of the federal comparison with Lagos state government...another stadium, Teslim Balogun Stadium, was constructed right opposite it. These two edifices have become a perfect example of government abandoned and under-utilized properties.

It's all about politics...politician undertake White Elephant projects either to sway the heart of the people for second term votes or a means to coninve with contractors to corruptly enrich themselves. The question is, do we really need such massive stadiums in every state, not to talk of having more than two in one state.

These kind of projects, some unfinished housing estates or no longer in used government institutions or Hotels/Guest Houses that are just lying waste in several places in Nigeria are tax payers hard earned money.

While the masses vehemently complain about these unimaginable wastage of resources, there's a lady who thinks out of the box and has been taking advantage of the situation. She has made billions of naria by reaching agreement with relevant government ministries or parastatal...and taking over the management of government abandoned or under- utilized properties in several places in Nigeria.

One of such properties is the Digital Bridge Institute at Oshodi Lagos. The property was originally constructed as a world Class telecommunications training institute by the defunct Nigeria Telecommunications (NITEL). Afterwards, it was handed over to Digital Bridge educational body piloting digital technology in Nigeria.

However, the property is so massive for the institute and largely under-utilized....World class architectural structures  and most beautiful landscape.

It has a well glassed football pitch, world class gym; Swiming; a 5000capacity Sports pavilion, another three large event centers and several large class halls of about 500 - 1000 capacity for smaller conferences and seminars.

It has 3 standard hostels that have a cumulative of 2000 rooms and a three star hotel with about 50 lodging rooms.

Helen Mberi"s company Suprior-Options  Consultancy Limited took over the management of the property with an agreement to return NGN48 million revenue to government each month.

Mberi is optimistic that her company will surpass that amount... and she has set NGN100 million revenue target each month for the next one year. They have commenced full renovations  of several dilapidations from years of un-used....and will soon start a massive sales promotional campaign to create awareness as well as attract customers.

Mberi cut her teeth in the hospitality business and having also worked for over 10 years with Stadium Management South Africa (SMSA)... An astute Negosiator, she has acquired the rare experience of managing large Sports facilities, hotels and housing properties such as the Digital Bridges Institute Oshodi Lagos.

Mberi has one strategy in mind... to position the property as first class event center and alternative lodging place for people who love quite and beautiful scenery, a kind of resort environment...such as professors and erudites undertaking educational projects and research.

It is also a perfect place for football teams needing training facilty for pre-season or pre-tournament preparations...or specialized closed programs like training/ trial camps... As I write now, according to Helen, the natural grass pitch have been book for rest of year by by Jokas Sports Managment, Etisalat, Polmkh"

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