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School Inter-House Sports Competition - Learn Organizing and Marketing of the Event

Since we let schools know they stand a lot to gain by organizing an Excellent Inter-House Sports festival; we've ignited a kind of revival... and our phone lines get jammed daily with calls from school's principals, Proprietors and Sports/Game masters wanting to consult with us at GreenHunters Sports International.

But we feel it is unnecessary for schools to pay N100,000 or so, just to consult with us on how they can create wao experience organizing such a memorable event for their target audience.

But we have written three articles that answers all the questions and serves as a self consulting guide line for schools.... about organisation and marketing of their next inter-house sports festival.

Yes, we know it is normally called School Inter-House Sports Competition, but we choose to call it "Festival" rather than competition, because your school inter-house isn't a mere competition between athletic endowed students, but a time to project your school and give it an excellent brand in the mind of parents and youths around your community. Your Inter-House Sports event is a great marketing tool for your school.

Now study these three articles and use them as checklist when organizing your next inter-house sports festival.

1. An Excellent Way to Organize School Inter House Sports Competition in Nigeria - Here's A Checklist for Your School!

2. Inter-House Sports Competition: How Your School Can Make Financial Gains Organizing the Games Without Asking Parents to Pay Anything!

3. 1st Inter House Sports Competition of Royal Court Schools -A Model of Organizational Excellence.

One more thing you may want to know is where to purchase Sports equipments, sportswears and Awards such as trophies, medals, batons, rackets and balls...

There are several places you can purchase these things in your locality. But if your school is in Lagos, I recommend you go to several sports shops at the Former national stadium Surulere and around Ojuelegba bus stop. Otherwise, you can go to Oluwole Market, Balogun area Lagos could even get these items cheaper.

If you need professionals to help you administer the games, go to sports council in your state. Otherwise, mobilize parents and teachers to function as referees and umpires, to cut cost.

Incase you still need more info or  make further inquries, please call: +234(0)8098773 or email:

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