How to Stream FIFA World Cup Knockout Stages - Live On Your Device

The excitement of soccer fans all over the world is rising to a crescendo with the World Cup knockout stages being right around the corner.  The Super Eagles will likely qualify having only 1 game left to play, against Argentina.

There is plenty of time to root for your own team hoping that this time it will get the coveted crown.

This is really the time to be excited about the World Cup and you will be thrilled even more if you can live stream the games of your favourite team. Watching the World Cup of 2018 by streaming it is fun? If you don't know how, here are some tips on how you can do it.

Streaming Options Available Now
Using a VPN service provider like  ExpressVPN,  fans all over the world can find  free streaming options for every World Cup 2018 game .  Here are some of the streaming options and VPN servers you will need to access the stream:
1. BBC or ITV – UK VPN server
2. The World Game or Optus – Australian VPN server
3. Fox Sports – U.S. cable subscription and US VPN server
4. TSN or CTV – a Canadian VPN server

Additional Stuff Required In Watching The 2018 World Cup
There are other things aside from preparing ExpressVPN in order to enjoy watching live streams of the FIFA World Cup 2018. Here are some suggestions:
1. A good-sized Smart TV
Get the largest Smart TV. You can buy it if you have the budget or you can rent it just for the month that the games of the 2018 World Cup are being held. A 56-inch or even a 65-inch Smart TV will be the best since you can see all the happenings clearly. It will be just as if you are there in the arena where the game is being played.

2. A nice and comfortable sofa
You will be spending at least more than an hour watching the games. So you will need something to comfortable sit on while the game is being played. The sofa must also be strong enough to be able to hold your weight as you will step or jump on it during some exciting moments in the game.

3. Nourishing drinks and snacks
Watching a FIFA World Cup game will be exciting and also stressful. You may need to replenish your strength with some healthy snacks and drinks while watching the game. Snacks and drinks will also immensely contribute to your enjoyment.

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