How Jose Mourinho would turn the Super Eagles of Nigeria into World champions in 2014

 Imagine the super Eagles of Nigeria cruising into the world cup finals in 2014; beating current number one in FIFA ranking, Spain and number two, Netherlands.  Now well motivated to take on Brazil in phenomenal final; ready to shock the world. The hope of the players and the coaching crew has risen so high they could latterly claim the trophy. There’s no stopping them this time, they’re so determine to win. Meanwhile in Nigeria, the whole nation is standstill. It’s like a public holiday. There’s no traffic on the streets; no work is going on in the factories, motor parks, offices and the bosses careless. Everyone is engross in the discussion – analysis, arguments, predictions – of what is going to happen when the match kickoff later in the day.

This scenario has taking place several times in Nigeria. For one, during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics games’ men soccer; where Nigeria overcame Brazil on a 4 -3 goals at the semi finals and went on to defeat Argentina 2 -1 goals to win the Gold medal. The whole Nigeria went agog and the celebration continued for several weeks. Today, Nigeria football fans are “dying” to re-live the experience.

Over ninety percent of the fans believe Samson Siasia is the right man to make it happen for Nigeria again. He has shown he can. Before now, he had taken the Nigeria under 21 and the Olympic football team to the world finals. But in both occasion he was beaten 1 – 0 by Argentina national team. A slim margin loss you might say, but what is the missing element that made great teams like the 1996 Olympic squad tick and able to excel when it matters most?

Well, I don’t think Samson Siasia is yet to find the answer. In fact, no one has the answer except for the master of the game Jose Mourinho, who has shown a phenomenal capability to transform ordinary club into a championship team. He has the record to have transformed FC Porto, Inter Milan FC and made them champions of the UEFA champions’ league. He has won several EPL and FA cup for Chelsea FC in England. Today, he’s restoring championship spirit in Real Madrid FC of Spain.

Perhaps, I should ask the question for critical thinking; what do you think Jose Mourinho would do to make Super Eagles transform from an ordinary team to a great team that is capable of winning the world cup in 2014.

Five things Jose Mourinho will do if given the Job as Super Eagles Coach
We can snoop into Jose Mourinho approach whenever he arrives in a new club.
1.      His first move usually is to take full charge of the team. He tries to reduce to the lowest minimum dictations and interference from club owners and administrators. We’ve often read of his loggerhead with club owners like Abrahamovic of Chelsea FC – on issues pertaining undue interference on his job. Mourinho would rather resign his appointment than to allow club administrators throw spanner in his work.

2.      Mourinho will make moves to instill discipline in the club. Making sure every player conforms to his standards. He’s known as a no-nonsense coach that is always ready to throw out the bad eggs in his team. No matter how good a player is or the amount of pressure the club administrators put on him, Mourinho would not field a player who does not fit into his team’s playing standards.

3.      Mourinho would begin to build a team pattern and style by playing many friendly games to understand the strength and weakness of each player in the club and as well begin to bend them into a formidable team. Then, he makes further move to find new players that are capable of covering up the team weaknesses and as well enhance the strength to team.


   Mourinho would begin to in-build team spirit and winning mentality in the players. Making sure players play to complement each other and there’s no indiscriminate or complacency play among them.

Mourinho would get his team to fight till the final whistle in any game – whether it’s a competitive game or a friendly game, Mourinho would continually motivate his team and in-build in them such competitive spirit to win at all times. The players would learn early enough how to raise their game to win in difficult situations.

5.      Mourinho would only field players who are fit to play and who has the capability to play at the highest level. Mourinho requires peak performance from each of his players at all times. It does not matter if you’re young or old; if you’re from local league or from a foreign league, Mourinho only field players that can complement the team’s effort to win.

Mourinho has a popular saying: “No matter how beautiful you stadium is, how aggressive your marketing people are, if your team does not win, all your effort will count for nothing.” Winning is the name of the game

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