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We offer opportunity for people and businesses to sponsor a post on Cheer On! Nigeria. Individuals and companies can get their website, blog, products, services featured on this blog as a sponsored post.

What's in it for You?

Cheer On! Nigeria promotes Nigeria football as well as help young African football players develop their skill and to jump-start a profession football career around the world.
The blog principally reach Nigeria football fans in the country and in Diaspora as well as many Africans at the grassroots. The blog traffic is growing rapidly and we plan to reach an estimated 100 million people in next few years.

 Sponsoring a post will get what your post contains to be permanently available on this blog. In addition to this, it will be optimized for top search engines. These means that as soon as your post (about your website, blog, products, service etc) gets published on this blog, thousands of people will get to see it easily via search engines (based on your choice keywords) and social media sites (based on this blog’s large community). 

In addition, your post will get to our subscribers best email address and also to the thousands of people who follow this blog on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. They won’t miss it.
In addition to this, we can also make your sponsored post stick to the homepage (on top of the recent post) and also add it to the scrolled ticker that appears on top of all pages for 30days if you pay a little extra to the cost of sponsoring a post on this blog

What is the Writing Format?
The sponsored posts can be in any form you choose – press releases, videos, articles, interviews etc but must not be more than 400 words.

The post can also include Links, images and contact information of the individual or company. However, we only accept Sponsored Posts that are relevant and offer value to our readers.


Who Writes the Post?
If the sponsor (you) wants us to write the post, then we’ll need a review copy of the product or services to be sponsored. We’ll need to review it ourselves so we can add our expert touch to the sponsored post. However, you can submit your own high quality and original post which is in your own words and we’ll be glad to accept that and edit it where necessary.

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