What’s Up this Time! Kanu’s Heart is Open Again in Abuja Nigeria

All of us, fans of Nwankwo Kanu, wish Kanu could play professional football forever and continue to reproduce those magical moments that has brought so much honor and joy to our people in Nigeria. Regrettably though, we know that someday he would play his last game for our national team and we all know the time is come. Well, nothing last forever.

Certainly, we’ll miss all his scintillating skills; he was one of the finest football players that came out of Africa. As one of the fan said “We want Kanu to stay alive because of his ‘open Heart.’  He is a role model for our kids.”

It’s amazing why many of our national team players feel the country owe them something and they’re aggressively seeking for what to take from tax payers money, demanding government to pay high bonuses, first class return flight tickets, reimbursement of medical bills…

Kanu is different. He is rather grateful to play for his country and contribute his own quota for the upliftment of Nigeria. He is giving back his energy, wealth, fame to help better the lots of Children in Africa. Kanu is thinking the way of Abraham Lincoln’s famous quote: “Think not what your country will do for you rather, think of what you will do for your country.”

Kanu has embarked upon different projects to do something laudable for his people in Africa. His heartbeat project Kanu Heart Foundation (KHF) is committed in the treatment of Children with cardiovascular diseases in Africa. And his achievement so far has been phenomenal. His foundation has sponsored the treatment of over a thousand children and has returned hope and joy to their families.

Again, Kanu’s support for “1Goal Project” for the education of children in Africa has been remarkable. Donating and mobilizing support for the project. That’s Kanu for you. His compassion for the people in Africa has been a great driving force in his football career. Kanu said “…that’s why am still playing; I want to be able to do more for my people in Africa.”

Kanu has just set up an agency in London to help African professional football players in Europe have a more prosperous career. Kanu’s pre-occupation is to help bring joy and hope to his people in Africa.

Kanu’s heart is open yet again. This time, he is planning to play for Charity in Abuja Nigeria – to mark the end of his national team career. He is using his connections to persuade and mobilize top football personalities all over the world to come and play as well as donate for the children with cardiovascular diseases.

I wish we had more people that can think like Kanu, our country Nigeria would have made much more progress or what do you think?

We may not all have what it takes to act like Kanu, but we could all support his laudable pursuit. We can contribute our “widow’s mite.”  I think we should all buy at least a raffle ticket as our own token to better someone’s life. Who knows, you could even win something big for your kind gesture.

Wait a minute. Can you imagine this, if more successful players or football clubs or even fan clubs are committed in taking care of HIV/ AIDS victims or Cancer patience or even Refuge or natural deserter victims… Think about it, we can use football opportunities to make the world a better place for us all.

Inspirational Football for life (I-football4life) supports Kanu Heart Foundation. We’re mobilizing support for their upcoming programs. We’ll appreciate it, if our fans and reader all over the globe donate and be part the program

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