TWITTER BOMBING: Osaze Odemwingie Goes on A Suicide Mission

“Are you on face book?” Yes, that question sound so familiar these days. It’s become part of the pleasantries shared when you meet someone for the first time or perhaps, someone you’ve not seen years before the frenzies of social media networking. You may sound a little bit “out of fashion” if you say that you’re not on face book or any social media for that matter.

We’re all on face book, twitter, LinkedIn, yookos, fan box, YouTube…name them. We use these social media to connect with our world and to share contents (Text or Audio-visual materials) of what we’re up to lately or what’s on our mind. It’s become a medium to keep update and to survey public opinion concerning a matter. A very good innovation you’ll say, but this micro blogging system could be a “naked wire” – that could shock anyone and kill his very image, if you’re not careful on how you use them – if you don’t know the techniques behind networking, how to relate with people on the social media platforms.

Social media platforms could be more dangerous for football stars, which are in the public eyes and ears. As football star, you could shoot yourself on the toes; you could shoot yourself on the head and commit a personal brand suicide by blogging the wrong way. Osaze Odemwingie, one of Nigeria’s finest football star today (In looks and in the way he plays) is already heading for  a suicide  mission against the coach, fans, NFF, Journalists, with his blogging on twitter – What I call the twitter bombings. I think he’s beginning to take a little bit more than he can chew.

I should advice Osaze, that is, if I’m in the position to do so. As a football star, you don’t need to draw the battle line. Social media is not the forum to be irrational or critical about a situation or a matter. For instance, Osaze’s twits on the twitter blog could go around the world in a matter of minutes and not many have the power to restrict its spread; not even you who posted the blog. Your rejoinder maybe a little too late to amend the damage you have done through wrong reactions blogged out of anger.

I’ve always advocated that football star players, especially in Nigeria, should of necessity have a personal marketing manager, who is very vast in global public relations and personal brand building techniques. Many football players err for lack of knowledge in this area of the business. Many a time, they become the black sheep or scape- goat of a matter they don’t have any business getting involved.

Social media platform is a place of goodwill and selflessness. You must bear that in mind when posting any blog or video online. It’s not a place to make enemies. After all, you’re not expected to network with your “enemies,” People in most social media network are repugnant to selfish and cynical posts aimed at personal aggrandizement or pride. There are five principles you should bear in mind when using the social media platform.

1.       Celebrate People: Social media platform is where to exchange pleasantries. It’s a place to celebrate people. Recognize their birthday, anniversaries or other special days in their life. It’s a place to praise and appreciate your friends, fans. Colleague etc. This is the first principle to get people to accept you in their network. Show some care.

2.       Apologize for your Incapability: Social media network is a place to apologize for your incapability to fulfill a part expected of you. It’s a place to share your short-comings and assure your public of your undoubted commitment to the relationship.

3.       Proffer Solutions: Social media network is a place to share your knowledge and to proffer solutions to the people who are challenged by such circumstances. It’s a place to share your experience, insight or ideas concerning a matter.

4.       Reference to Products/ organizations: Social media network is a place to introduce products or organizations that can help people in your network to make money, have good health, overcome emotional trauma, have fun etc.

5.       Pursue Laudable Cause: Social media network is a place to share beliefs, ideas, and express your vision to better your world and the earth at large. It’s a place that brings like minds together and builds support for your life dreams.

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