Cheer on Nigeria has joined the Reach Out Movement in saving lives and bring hope to nations of the world. And we 're so glad that the movement is not just reaching out to countries, but also to the football world. Over a million copies of the daily devotional, Rhapsody of Realities, were shared during 2010 World Cup in South Africa; and thousands of copies were shared recently in Poland and Ukraine during the Euro 2012 Football Championship. Its been so rewarding for us identifying with this movement..

 During 2011 Reach out Nigeria, among the 10 million copies of the daily devotional shared free, were special projects such as drilling of borehole to give water to the people, building of classroom for our children in school as well as significant contributions to the Police, medical centers and orphanage homes. This is what reach out Nigeria has become over the few years. Just an idea of Believer's LoveWorld (BLW) to commemorate Nigeria Independence with the gospel, has turned out to be God's idea to save lives and bring hope to nations of the world.

 Although, the same event have been replicated in Christ Embassy branches across the world, today we have Reach out UK, Reach out Canada, Reach out Middle east, Reach out India, Reach out China, Reach out Australia... with several Christian ministries, Corporate organizations and individuals out side Christ Embassy participating in no little measure.

We have recorded some great results with the anointing that goes with the devotional. A mad man made contact with the book and became sane again.  A man condemned to life imprisonment read the book and was miraculously set free to become an Evangelist today. Millions of people from different countries of the world have given their life to Christ as they met with partners reaching out to them with the anointed devotional.

It's usually a great carnival on Nigeria Independence day, October 1st. When all the partners come out for road show across the country, with some costumes that will make you so laugh. It's all fun, bringing smiles to the people who has been badly battered by economic hardship and not too good governance. Letting them know that in the gospel lies the solution to all human problems. It's one great patriotic spirit - "I believe in Nigeria rally."

The flagship Reach out Nigeria movement is here again. The 2012 edition. What a right time to bring hope to people especially in the north, where there has been constant bombing and kill of people by Boko Haram. This provide opportunities for us to bring good news to the people and participate in projects that will rebuild the peace of the country. Lets us do it together.

Join other partners this October as they freely distribute several million copies of Rhapsody of Realities around the country and also embark on more charity community projects that will bless Nigeria. For information on how to participate, visit: 
Christ Embassy website

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