MATCH BALL FOR AFCON 2013: Katlego Addidas May Fly Even Higher In South Africa

Jabulani, the match ball used in 2010 world cup in South Africa, cut most of the goal keepers napping. And not many of them could handle the flight of the ball. Super Eagles of Nigeria first choice goal keeper, Vincent Enyeama once said, “Jabulani ball flies so fast, it caused goal keepers to make a lot of miscalculations.”

Katlego Addidas, Official Match Ball for AFCON 2013
Now, another new ball is being introduced. Katlego Addidas is the official match ball unveiled for Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON 2013), which is starting by January 19 to Feburary 10, 2013 in South Africa. And I think that our players should know as much as they could about the new ball and master its characteristics.


Katlego means, “Success” in Sesotho language. And the name was selected from a poll conducted on CAF website earlier in the year. Addidas is also planning to use the same procedure to conceptualize the match ball for Brazil 2014 World Cup.

The global kit manufacturers, Addidas, were so proud of this one they had to add their brand to the name of the ball, Katlego Addidas.


The ball was designed with the latest technologies. The new Katlego Addidas uses the same “Tango 12 base” that we’ve seen Addidas adopt for footballs since Euro 2012, with a hi-vis, hi-impact visual graphic casing.

The ball incorporate images inspired by triditional South Africa art, colored in the same palette as the national flag of South Africa.


Katlego Addidas is by far an improved version of Jabulani. The ball is not easily swayed by wind or slowed down by weather conditions. Whentested at the PSL, many of the players that felt the ball confirmed that Katlego is perhaps, the best they have ever played in recent times.

Zobuswe Ngobese, Addidas spokesperson in South Africa said, “To avoid a furore that has characterised previous match balls, Addidas is making the Katlego available to all teams that will participate at AFCON 2013.” This may be the best test for the teams, to use the Katlego during training sessions and friendly games before the tournament proper.

Katlego Addidas, will be the fourth match ball introduced in South Africa after “Wawa Ba” (2008), “Jabulani” (2010), and “Comoequa” (2012). South Africa has the unique passion to brand their match balls and Katlego Addidas will sure be one of the highlights of AFCON 2013.

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