Nigerian coaches aren't behind, not anymore! We use to think that only foreign coaches have what it takes to win a major tournament such as African Cup of Nations or to qualify Nigeria national teams for the world cup. Well, that may be the case before, but not anymore. Nigeria indigenous coaches are upping their game and have also won most of the tournaments that were once exclusive to foreign coaches.

Let us look at the records and show to you four Nigerian coaches that have broken the jinx. They're the first indigenous coaches to have won major African and world competitions for Nigeria

 1. Sebastian Broderick Imasuen (First African Coach to Win A World Football Tournament): Never had any African country won a world football tournament at any level, until Sebastian Broderick Imasuen, took some virtually unknown boys to the first Kodak - FIFA Under 16 World Tournament at China in 1985.

Then it became a new dawn as Broderick showed the rest of the continent that it is possible to win a world tournament. With Victor Iginoba's late Minute goal, Nigeria defeated Germany by 2 - 1 at the finals and Broderick became the first African coach to win a World tournament.

 2. Kadiri Ikhana (First Coach to Win CAF Champions League for Nigeria): If don't know the records, you may just walk pass Kadiri Ikhana on the road without doffing your hat. This man is a jinx breaker! Perhaps, one of the most successful coach as far as Nigeria football is concern.

For several years it seems Nigeria clubs were jinx with CAF champions League. Few clubs Like Iwuanyawu nationale and Leventis United had got to the finals without success. Then Ikhana came on board as coach of Eyinmba International of Aba and broke the jinx.

In 2003, he became the first coach to have won CAF champions League for Nigeria.

 3. Shuaibu Amodu (First Indigenous Coach to Qualify Nigeria for World Cup): Arguably the best coach in Nigeria, but also could be regarded as the most ill treated and unlucky.

It was he whom the NFA administrators turned to when the Super Eagles faced elimination from qualifying for Japan/ South Korea World Cup in 2002; after sacking the Dutchman, Johannes Bonfrere, for poor performance.

Amodu successfully tinkered the team and ensured that Nigeria qualified for the world cup. He repeated the same feat in 2010, and also qualified Nigeria for the World Cup in South Africa. But in both occasions, he was replaced by foreign coaches - Berti Vogts and Lars Lagerback respectively.

However, Amodu still hold the record as the only indigenous coach to have qualified Nigeria for the world 
cup - in two occasions.

3. Stephen Okechukwu Keshi (First Indigenous Coach to Win AFCON for Nigeria): No one expected it, perhaps least of all Stephen Okechukwu Keshi himself. But when the referee blew the final whistle after Sunday Mba had scored the only goal of the Finals against Burkina Faso, it suddenly done on him that he has broken another record; actually a double record.

Keshi became the first indigenous coach to have won African Cup of Nations for Nigeria. He also became the first to win as a player (Captain) in 1994 and as a coach in 2013.

Keshi had before then, broke a record as the first coach to have ever qualified Togo national team for World cup in 2006.

Some other indigenous coaches had also made attempt at the world Youth Championship and the Olympics. Tunde Disu got to the finals of WYC at Saudi Arabia in 1998, Defeated by Portugal 2-0. While Samson Siasia also got to the Finals of WYC in 2005, Defeated by Argentina 2-1 and Olympic Men Soccer event in 2008, Defeated by Argentina  1-0.

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