JOSSY LAD RESUSCITATION: The Coach Needs A Drop Of Water From Every Spirited Football Fan

Sometimes sickness comes when you least expect it. And not as if you didn't plan for the rainy days, but it came in a sweep, and appear to have swept away everything you have labored for in Life. This is the case of Joseph Ladipo, who just suffered a heart attack last week.

Joseph Ladipo, popularly known as Jossy Lad, need no introduction in Nigeria football community. He is formerly chief coach of Super Falcon (Nigeria women national team); a one time member of the Green Eagles (Nigeria men national team). He is also the first captain of IICC Shooting Star of Ibadan, one of Nigeria's foremost club side, that won the first continental trophy for Nigeria in 1976. Not long ago, he also served as chief coach of same club (now called 3SC)


Last week, the 72 years old coach was reportedly rushed from a private hospital to university College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan, when his health was fast failing. And he laid unconscious there, on a life support machine for several days. His son, Wale Ladipo said, "My dad has this heart condition, and was gasping for breathe when we rushed him here (UCH). We feared he may have suffered 'Stroke.'

Although, the veteran coach is out of coma, thanks to the medical staff of UCH. But he urgently need N5 million to travel to a hospital in India, where he can receive full treatment.

Oyo state government is on it and may have spent upto N400, 000 so far. Minister of Sports and Chairman National Sport Commission, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi has as well donated N500, 000 to his family. Dominic Iorfa, also donated N100, 000.

 National Sport Commission has collaborated with Splash Radio FM 105.5 to appeal to spirited football loving Nigerians to help raise funds for the treatment of the coach. LTV Sports Splash, has also called on successful business morguls such as Allico Dangote, Mike Adenuga... to help save the life of our dear Jossy.
Alas, it's not enough to cry out to government, you too can do something. Sometimes we feel what we can give is so insignificant that we hold back and do nothing. But I did a little calculation and found out that we all can pool our resources together if we truly love Jossy Lad. If just 5000 football fans donate N1, 000, then the coach gets the N5 million he needed for the treatment.

Yes! If only you forgo resharging your phone that much, if you would not spent as much for lunch today, your donation like a drop of water, will be part of a great pool for a life saving cause.

To send your donation, contact: National Sport Commission or Splash Radio 105.5 FM - for Jossy Lad's Fundraising bank Account number.

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