MIKEL VS OKOCHA: Which is The Better Midfield General?

 Following one of the heated arguments among football fans in Nigeria; comparing the current guy on the block, Mikel Obi with the Ex-midfield maestro, Austin 'Jay-jay' Okocha. 

Cheer on Nigeria want to know your own opinion about these two great players that came out of Nigeria; which is the Greatest midfield general in Nigeria football history?

I know some fans may even say Muda Lawal or Thompson Oliha were the greatest play makers in Nigeria football history. But I adjourn you to limit your comparism between Mikel and Okocha.

It isn’t a contest really, but your opinion may help other players to know what attributes coaches and fans watch out for before a midfielder could be rated as good or great.

Perhaps I would like to per-empt you a little by telling you what some football analysts are saying.

 Some say, Jay-jay has one of the greatest leg-over skills in the world. He had such ability of hiding the ball and cutting out many of the opponent players with his ball holding and dribbling skills. Jay-jay had a rare ability to hold the ball under pressure while looking for opportunities to combine with teammates, to penetrate the opponent’s defense line and score goals.

Jay-jay visionary passes made him one of the greatest goal assist player Nigeria has ever had. Mikel doesn't have that ability to hold on to the ball that long and maneuver under pressure situations. And Mikel's visions isn't as shape as that of Jay-jay.

 Well, another school of thought says Mikel is more of a complete midfielder. He is very versatile and can play so well both as attacking and defensive midfielder.

Mikel has more control of the midfield with ability to support the attacking line as well as to fall back and support the defense line. Mikel shows such great intense and focus commitment to defend until possession of the ball is regained. Then, his ability to start counter attacks with his long thrust passes that immediately pushes the pressure back to the opponent's half, always put him as first choice midfielder of most top coaches.

Jay-jay lack the stamina and ability to fight for and win balls. His inability to return after joining the attacking line, leaves the midfield open to opponent's counter attack. Perhaps, this may be the reason why his first team place was always relegated at top teams like PSG and Bolton Wanderers.

Now, let us know your own opinion or reactions to what the analysts has said; which of the player is the greatest or the better Midfield general? 

Please, post a comment at the box provided below this article. Remember, it isn't a contest or quarrel. There's no need to be dis-respectful. Your constructive opinion will surely help other players develop the better skills.

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