The Toughest Football Players In Nigeria History.

 Emeka Ezeugo, Popularly called ‘Bulldozer’ but now known as ‘Reverend King,’ after the notorious cleric convicted in Nigeria.

Ezeugo had most of his professional career at the other side of the world. A career that span over 15 years, took him to the six continents of the world – from East Bengal, Kalkita, India, Peru, USA, Dhaka Mohammad among other places.

Not many football followers considered Ezeugo as a serious player, but he was a surprise inclusion in Clemence Westerhof squad that won the Nation’s cup for Nigeria in 1994 and the team that played in world cup that same year.

Ezeugo is one of the toughest players in the world, who took his controversial character into the field of play. Ezeugo hard tackle and ball winning skills as a defender and midfielder gave him 11 appearances with the Nigeria National team from 1988 – 1994.

Perhaps, Ezeugo was more prominent as an attacker at Connecticut Wolves USA in 1999 and was known all over MLS as the striker that threatened defenders with hard tackles and domineering style of play that gave him the nickname ‘Bulldozer.’ You can never go pass Ezeugo without getting a knock or shudder that can pull you off the game.

 Austin Eguaveon, fondly called cerezo. He was so physically strong and a hard nut to crack in the field of play. With Eguaveon, the right full back or the central midfield was sealed. You can’t get the ball pass him. Eguaveon had a very unique ball winning skills. He shield the ball so strong and his shudder was like an iron hit on any opponent, which made him one of the toughest football players in Nigeria history.

Something so admirable about Eguaveon was his goal scoring skills. As a defender he also scored some important goals. He started his career with ACB in Nigeria, before he signed for Gents in Belgium. At Gents, he had 77 appearances and scored 10 goals. Then he went over to Kortrijik were he made 95 appearances and scored 7 goals.

Eguaveon made 53 appearances for the Nigeria National team. He was in the squad that won African Nation’s cup in 1994 and also played at Nigeria’s first world cup appearance the same year. Eguavon ended his professional playing career at Silena Wanderers in Malta, after a professional career that lasted for 16 years from 1985 – 2001.

Nicholas Ukadike is popularly known as ‘Thunder,’ because of the power behind his shots. When Ukadike shoots the ball everyone stay clear. Perhaps, he got his nickname from the famous Teslim ‘Thunder’Balogun.

One thing Ukadike was known for his head boots that strike like thunder on air battle, which had broken many heads and left many unconscious for days.

Ukadike was an all in all tough football player, who played anywhere at back four. When Ukadike chases an opponent to the corner of the field, be sure of his dangerous sliding tackle, which had stretched off many players from the game.

Ukadike played for Spartans FC of Owerri, then ACB, ABiola Babes and Iwuanyanwu Nationale. He also had a short stay with the Nigeria National team in 1983.


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