JOB VACANCY IN SPORTS: Football Network Officers Wanted Across West Africa

 GreenHunters Sports International is recruiting football fans across West Africa. We’re offering you a job to become a Football Network Officer. And you don't need any qualification to take the job Offer.

It isn’t a permanent job, understand. You’ll be working for only as much time as you find it rewarding and fun.

It isn’t even a paying job. On the contrary, you’ll be paying yourself as much as you can work and network football people.

First, you are required to join Inspire Football Life (IFL Network). Then, you start getting football lovers to subscribe to the network. And for each individual you get to subscribe, you earn $50 immediately. Simple! That’s all you have to do. You know what, you can even earn more!

What Tools Will Be Required For The Job?
It’s online networking platform. You’ll be given the website details and a special membership code. The with your Smartphone, Tablet, Personal Computer connected to the internet, you can make sales presentations to any potential subscriber you find. You can as well get them to subscribe immediately via e-Payment – Using Credit Card or Debit Card as the case may be.

How Can You Network More People, To Earn More?
It’s easy to network as much people as you can make contact with. Don’t worry! You’ll be trained on how to effectively network football lovers. It’s easier though, if you are a football player or fan yourself. So you already know how to connect with other football people anywhere you go.

What Benefits Will Subscribers Enjoy As Members Of IFL Network?
Football fans are always buying football related products. Therefore, for anyone that subscribes to IFL Network, he or she will be privileged to purchase football related fashion, Memorabilia, household and gift items at a price less 20% discount. And if he buys in large volume at once, he may get another 5% discount from merchants that partner with the network.

This is perhaps the easiest paying job you can find on the face of the earth. IFL Network officer’s job will be great fun for any football lover. Click below to fill out the form. We’ll be calling you up soon for training in place closest to your city.

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