3 Key Questions Young African Footballers Often Ask – Get the Answers Here!

 It’s our resolve to help African players find direction for their chosen career. So we’re obligated to answer your questions and probably offer you step by step guide where necessary.

Every day, we receive hundreds of mails from players, parents and guardians, but these mails are so numerous that we find it difficult to attend to them one after another.

What I try to do here is to proffer answer to 3 frequently asked questions that are important to the success of any footballer. So that we can refer some enquirers to this post and redeem some time to attend to other equally important questions.

Key Question 1
“My name is Hellen Isouba from Kenya. I am a parent to 13 years old boy who is talented in football as well as academically. He is in form one in National High school Siaya County. I am interested in any program that can help harness his football talent as well as develop him holistically…”

I guess any player asking this kind of question is dreaming of a top flight football career and it’s good you know from the onset,  how or where a young player can start to develop his or her talent for the future.

I discourage young African talents from playing ‘Street Football’ or enrolling into ‘Grassroots clubs’ that don’t have training facilities and competent trainers. As a parent, you can help your boy get into an approved football academy. Take some time to find the ones in your country. For players in Nigeria, Vconnect has published contacts of football academies in your country. Click Here to View It.

GreenHunters Sports International is also in the process of organizing such trial camp in Nigeria. Sign Up Here to get further information.

Key Question 2:
“Hello.  Am Loleyo Augustine from South Sudan, playing for division one team here in my country, but only 18 years old, laying very well in midfield and striking. All am looking for is to further and take my footballing career to the next level through someone who can help me out anywhere in this world…”

Almost every young African player needs help and desires to take their football career abroad, especially to Europe.

Scouts are the ones in better position to get you a club abroad. It’s easier to get scouted from your national team. Otherwise, you need to push out yourself to find a Fifa Player Agent, who can help you procure trial dates from good clubs in Europe, Asia or America

We work in collaboration with some of these Scouts and Agents. If you are truly talented, we can introduce you to one or two of them.

We’ll want to watch the video clips of your best performances as well as your profile. These are the documents the Agents can present to clubs and get them to commission trial dates for you.

You can post your video clips on your youtube channel and send the link to us. Click here to view sample video clips.

Key Question 3:
“Hi, my name is Nkoma Marpiza from Equatorial Guinea. I have suffered a lot of expenditure (over 5,000 euros) to various so called Agents in my move to take my football career abroad. Yet, I am still here in Bata. How can I trust you to help me? Do I have to pay your Agency before transfer to a club abroad?”

Benson Chukwueke
Well, I suppose any Agent asking you to pay before transfer is a Fraud Alert! Yet, it isn’t all Agent who may ask you to pay some amount are fraudulent. It depends on the deal and sometimes, it’s complicated to explain. However, there are some hints of how you can detect a fraudulent Agent.

I recommend you get my eBook titled: “How You Can Achieve Your Football Dreams.” You will get detailed information, links and warning alerts that can guide you to a successful football career.

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