How Cheer On Nigeria Gradually Build A Massive Memoir For Nigeria Football Fans

Imagine, not many football fans today knew about the myth of the flying cat, Inua Lawal Rigogo, one of Nigeria’s greatest goal keeper. Perhaps, you may have heard that Teslim ‘thunder’ Balogun’s shots were so powerful that the ball often broke through goal nets; and Nigeria’s dream team was the only team that ever scored a ‘Golden goal.’

I thought about it. Maybe there should be an online publications where our younger generation can find all the stories. For instance, how Nigeria national team (Red Devils) played their first international match in london without shoes or the extraordinary story of the Damman miracle… These are special memories of Nigeria football.

Imagine a publication where Nigeria football heroes are well celebrated; where even little achievement by any Nigerian football individual or teams are positively hyped rather than emphasis on news that down cast football consumers.

Helen Chukwueke, Media director of GreenHunters Sports International said: “If over 10,000 british bloggers could fill the Internet with the news, when Queen Elizabeth, played host to Andy Murray, after he won the Wimbledon Grand Slam in 2012. Why then should we not hype Blessing Okagbare’s hosting in Aso Rock. We must learn to celebrate our own.”

Now imagine that this publication writers included: Ex-international, Segun Odegbami; Lagos State, Babatunde Fashola; Former NPL Boss, Oyi Obaseki; Former FIFA/ CAF match commissioner, Paul Bassey; Foremost Journalist, Mitchel Obi; Chairman Nigeria football Supportewrs club, Rafiu Ladipo; and a host of other 100 football thought leaders in Nigeria.

 Finally, imagine that this publications generate a lot of engagements in comments, enquiries, Likes, Shared on other social media networks on the Internet. Imagine the brand promotions that could be generated for Nigeria, if a publication like this existed.

 Well, you don’t need to imagine anymore, because ‘Cheer On Nigeria’ blog has gradually build such massive memoir for Nigeria football fans. Tom 

Bonfanti, PhD, Sports Researcher at Colorado University Chicago said: “By Just reading through some of the posts on this blog, you could truly feel the passion of football in Nigeria.” “If you need to understand the intricacies of West Africa football, I recommend you read through Cheer On Nigeria blog. Although, the writers are somehow subjective in their opinions, but you could gain unadulterated view points from these existing articles.”

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