2013 LAGOS FOOTBALL TRIAL: Join Live Chat to Get Full Update of the Upcoming Event

2 hours Live Chat With

                       Benson Chukwueke
                                  Trial Coordinator/ CEO, GreenHunters Sports International

TOPIC: Lagos Football Trials – the Way Forward!

DATE: Friday November 22, 2013

TIME: Lagos Nigeria 4.00pm,  London 3.00pm,  Berlin 3.59pm, New York 10.00am. Check what time it would be in your own city.

     In this live chat you will get full update on the Sponsorship issue and the preparation so far.
 It’s an opportunity for you to ask all the questions you have concerning the trials.         

 You can make vital contributions through your comments. You’ll  also see comments made by other players like you.

You can only participate using a Desk top or Lap top computer. The live chat software isn’t compatible with mobile devices.

 Look below, at the right side of this blog,  to see the chat Icon on your desk top. Click on it to get onto the live chat - when the icon displays ‘Chat With Me Now.’ Otherwise, you can ‘Leave A Message’ when am not online. I can  attend to the question later.

If you’ll like to participate in the Live Chat and you want us to remind you on November 15, an hour before the time, then click the icon below to register now.

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