LOOKING AHEAD 2014: One Major Factor that will Detemine Your Success in Nigeria Football Business this Year

Sports business in Nigeria has its peculiar nature. It isn’t all about football, but we all know nothing else work here. Nigeria is more or less a mono sport country and that’s not going to change in 2014.

Indeed, many sports business entrepreneurs may be looking out for what going to change, what will be the secret of success in football market in Nigeria this year. Well, if you ask me I will say, nothing. It’s no secret. By mere reading sports newspapers almost anybody could tell what it is.

The one secret of success in football business as in any other business for that matter, ‘is to give the consumers what they want! What they want to watch, read and play.

What most football fans in Nigeria will go for is no secret at all. So Sports entrepreneurs will continue to creatively serve English Premier League (EPL), UEFA Champions League (UCL), then the FIFA World cup. This is the menu for 2014.

TV Sports Broadcast Business

 Viewing centers will continue to be packed out by fans, either watching EPL, UCL or international friendlies leading to FIFA World Cup and in June all eyes will be on Brazil. So Satellite TV providers such as DSTV and HITV may have a slight increase in subscriptions and major Satellite sports stations such as SuperSports, Sky Sports, ESPN.. will continue to smile to the bank this year.

Sports programs on local TV stations will also be dominated by EPL, UCL and FIFA World cup news and updates. It’s easy to see all these pattern through the headlines of Sports and major newspapers in Nigeria.

Sports Merchandize Business

For Sports merchandize business this year, it will still be about Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Barcelona products (Jerseys and other memorabilia). Although, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid are beginning to win fans in Nigeria and their products will soon pick up sales.

Few local clubs and academies may buy from major sport wear companies like Adidas and Nike. Adidas is likely to make more sales this year selling the new Super Eagles Jersey to fans. But again, the Chinese merchants may ambush the sales by flooding the parallel market with cheaper replicas.

Why Fans May Not Still Patronize NPFL

The peculiar nature of sport business environment in Nigeria today is such that majority of football consumers don’t patronize the local league. Corporate organizations may decide to sponsor some elements of the local league for other reasons other than revenue and profits.

Indeed, corporate sponsors were scared off in large part because of poor public image resulting from massive corrupt practices and leadership strife in Nigeria Premier League (NPL); now re-branded as Nigeria Professional football League (NPFL) since Nduka Irabor led League Management Company took over.

Urgent Project LMC Must Embark Upon in 2014

NPFL urgently need to cleanse itself of the multiple scandals in the mind of most football consumers in Nigeria. Any good marketer knows that he has to get the product right before marketing it. LMC is saddle with the re-engineering of what seem to be abad product.

Why LMC Must Partner With Local Media

LMC should understand among other things that product re-enforcement require a more expansive television packaging. LMC must partner with local TV stations.

NPFL marketing should create a range of programs far beyond just select match broadcast on SuperSports NPFL need more creative programs to re-enforce fans consciousness and interest towards the league.

Though, the local TV stations demand a more stable and professionally managed league with a cleaner image.

Indeed, there should be a media palling aimed at a more expansive viewership all around the country and beyond, There should also be more flexible TV rights with varied fees affordable at all level of thew media strata.

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