FIFA World cup force is sweeping across the Atlantic from Brazil and hoping to leave its mark on Africa and the rest of the world.

In Nigeria, football fans are alive and active more than ever before. While we agree with Rafiu Ladipo that over 50 million Nigerians will be singing the popular song: “all we are saying, give us more goals” come June 16, when Super Eagles will be taking on its first opponent, Iran. 

What matters to corporate organizations aren’t about if Nigeria will win the World cup or not, but how many of these active fans can they reach effectively with their message or sales promotional campaigns.

Truly, all attention is on the World cup, but every marketer knows you have to be an official partner with FIFA or NFF before you can use the world cup trademarks or Super Eagles theme to advertise your brand on TV, Radio, Newspapers, and Billboards, that cost mega bucks and only large business organizations may be able to afford such bills.

Nigeria Football supporters club according to Ladipo, promise to mobilize 10, 000 fans in Brazil to cheer the Eagles. But GreenHunters Sports International isn’t promising anything. We already have data of over 20, 000 Super Eagles active fans who on their own accord registered with us online. S you read this post now, more of these fans will be registering. The number is likely to increase geometrically by may ending.

Reaching 20, 000 Super Eagles active fans may be but a little fraction of the estimated 50 million football fans in Nigeria. But adding 20, 000 new customers to your business will be a landmark achievement for any business, large or small. What I’m saying is this, there’s no wasted investment on a data like this, which came from our narrow blogging – Cheer on! Nigeria.

We were pro-actively thinking about small businesses and how they could benefit from the opportunities the world cup presents without ambush of FIFA or NFF partners as the case may be. Providing your business with a data of over 20, 000 Super Eagles active fans may just be the solution you need this season. With just a push mail or bulk SMS. You can send your message or campaign at a very low cost per person.

Contact us and let us discuss on how the data can be made available to you.

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