I know a broker, Joe Alaran, who always say he is a gambler and he likes to stake big, “The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward.” He always explains every time he tries to introduce some new business opportunities to me. “Sorry Joe, I don’t run my life on trial and error.”

My business philosophy is based more on ‘Game theory.’ I’d like to weigh all the available options and in an extreme situation, choose’ the best of the worst.’ But many Nigerian entrepreneurs would rather insist on retaining such inconsequential thing as business name, ‘Olu & Sons Ltd’ – that’s bullshit!

Why You Should Own a Franchise?
Research has shown that over 80% small and medium enterprise (SMEs) start up and die within 5 years in this country. So why do you want to take the risk? Why do you want to start an entirely new sports enterprise with your own business model and brand name?

Come to think of it, are you ready to go through all the hassles SMEs face in this country –  No protection for infant enterprise, managerial short comings, inadequate financing, complex government regulations, poor brand positioning… So why do you want to make a leap in the dark?

You can’t afford not to make the right business investment if you have the capital today or you may live to regret it the future. You should put this in front, not back of your mind. The bottom-line of any business is to make profit – QED! So it’s all about how much profitable is your business option.

The easy way out is to own a franchise! You can avoid all the risk of starting an entirely new business by buying into an already successful brand. Franchise is more common in USA and account for over $1 trillion annual revenue. Though, we have quite a few in Nigeria, KFC, Mr.Biggs, MTN, Honda… This is what I’m offering you now!

Sports Business Franchise is Available for You
Maybe you know someone who wants to buy a franchise business or maybe you’ve thought about it but don’t know how to start the process – I can help!

I decided to work with Negotium Innov8 LLC, to help Nigerian investors purchase some of the high profiting sports related franchises in USA and Europe. So you can bring over here in Nigeria.

I can help you own a McDonald’s in Nigeria in the next 3 months or so. I guess everyone knows McDonald’s? It’s the most successful fast food brand in the world; more popular with sports fans because McDonald’s sponsor major sporting events like FIFA World cup, Olympics. Super Bowl, NBA…

When you buy a McDonald’s franchise, you don’t just buy a business, you buy a proven system of success and a large number of loyal customers. Ray Kroc, the original owner of McDonald’s, understands the best practice. Kroc always insist everyone of his restaurant franchisee follow the same operating procedure and offer similar menu items to re-enforce the world wide brand image of McDonald’s.

Franchise Consultants Available for You

I can get Negotium Innov8 LLC, Africa’s foremost franchise specialists, to act as your consultant. Lade Adeyemi, Chief Negotiation Officer (CNO) of the company is available to advise you on legal matters, documentations, cost effective procedures, best way to access credit funding abroad…

Apart from McDonald’s franchise, you can select from a list of sports business franchise options: Total Soccer Method (TSM), Dunkin Donut, Football CV,  Sports Clips, Anytime Fitness,  Happy feet Legends Int’l… Contact me and let’s talk about this.

International Franchising and Business Opportunities Forum
By May 2014, you can attend the 2nd International franchising and business opportunities forum in Lagos Nigeria, organized by Negotium Innov8 . In the forum you learn Franchise negotiation procedures, effective communication and leadership skills for 21st Century professionals. It will be a great opportunity to network with other business men around the world. Click below to register your interest in the upcoming forum.

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