How You Can Join Arsenal FC Official Fan Club in Nigeria – BECOME A REAL GUNNER!

Arsenal Football Club of England is estimated to have over 3.5 million supporters in Nigeria. We have many of them contact us to find out how they can join the English premiership Official fan club in Nigeria.
You have two options really. 

Arsenal Fan Club in Nigeria

First Option, you can join the Arsenal fan club in England and become a Gunner Card carrier, before you are allowed joining the fan club located closest to you in Nigeria. It’ll cost you a total sum of £50.
Contact Emeka C Onyenuforo:, for more details on the procedure you can follow to become an official fan of Arsenal in Nigeria.

Arsenal Supporters Club Nigeria was set up in 2004 by four staunch Gunners fans and received its official recognition from Arsenal in 2005 and since then has grown to include branches from different states and regions within the country such as Arsenal Lagos, Arsenal Port Harcourt, Arsenal Jos, Arsenal Abuja, Arsenal Ado Ekiti, Arsenal Uyo etc .

The club is run via branches / zonal arrangements and does not have a particular location as a meeting point considering its growth and further penetrations of more states within the federation.

Zones are authorized to hold meetings, share views etc , with the majority of groups gathering every weekend to screen live matches.
It holds various activities during the year, including

  • Road shows,

  • An end-of-season party (Annual General Meetings)

  • And seminars

Arsenal Supporters inn Nigeria

Second Option, you may just identify yourself as an Arsenal F.C. supporter by registering your details in Arsenal fans data base in Nigeria. The data base is collated by GreenHunters Sports International and you are not required to pay any price order than your registration Online. You can register here now!

With your name in the Arsenal data base in Nigeria you are entitled to receive the following:

  • Exclusive information

  • Special Offers including auctions, Lottery,

  • Freebies such as free ticket for special games, discounted merchandize

  • Invitation for Arsenal fans festival in England etc.

Click the logo below to register here now!

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