The New Way Football Fans in Nigeria Are Winning Lots of Cash After Every Live Match - PICKLIVE NIGERIA:

Watching live match is become more exciting for football fans in Nigeria; Since Picklive (Nigeria) introduced Live Fantasy Manager – A game that allows fans to actively participate in a live match and WIN BIG after every game.

Don’t wave it aside and say: ‘another football betting.’  This isn’t another kind of football betting and you’re not going to be gambling against match odds. Live fantasy manager only challenges your real time knowledge and perhaps, your managerial ability for teams and players in your favorite league(s).

Fantasy football isn’t new. Picklive Nigeria won’t take credit for inventing Live Fantasy Manager, but they are first to adapt it for the benefit of Nigerian football fans. And I can tell you, THIS IS THE NEXT BIG GAME.

It’s pretty amazing for me to discover that the things most football fans do for nothing can actually put large amount of cash in their bank account.

As they say, ‘every Nigerian football fan is a coach.
  • They like to tell you which player should have been included in the team list;
  • The player(s) that have been performing so well in recent games;
  • The player that should be substituted and the one that should be introduced into the match;

Unfortunately, these are some of the allusions that bring about heated arguments. Sometime, it could even result to brutal fighting between fans.  But that’s because they aren’t aware that these are the exact knowledge you needed to win big on Picklive Nigeria.

I didn’t know this myself, until I met Toju Agbim (Mr. Tee) at Nal Link, a cyber café around my office at Maryland Lagos. He took me on a tour round Picklive Nigeria online. The website is self explanatory and gives you step by step guide on how to play the game.

The game is pretty easy to play. Now go to and register your personal details and your own team name. See some sample names: Ajibola Babes; Ukason Stars; Babagida United… My own registered team name is ‘Star World FC.’ You’re free to call your team whatever name you choose. It’s ok as long as nobody has already chosen the name.

With your registration confirm, you have opened an account with Picklive Nigeria. Then, use your debit card (ATM card) or buy a Picklive scratch card to activate your account and deposit an amount from NGN200 or more.

How to Play
Go to Picklive lobby to select the match fixture you want to play and choose the room you’d like to stake your money on. Decide how much of the amount in your Picklive Account you want to stake on the match – NGN200, NGN500, NGN1, 000.

Immediately you select the match, your team name appear among other s on the leadersboard for that match fixture, For example, if you stake on the live match between Chelsea V Liverpool, your team’s name appear on the leadersboard (Chelsea v Liverpool – Room NGN500). You also see the team names of other people that stake in NGN500 Room.

Before the start of the match, critically study the players list for both teams, then select 5 players you think will earn the most fantasy points according to picklive scoring system. Pick at least 1 player from the other team. These 5 players you selected from the players listed in both teams, become your own team list. For example, say you selected Steven Gerrard (Liverpool), Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool), Cecs Farbregas (Chelsea), Diego Costa (Chelsea), John Mikel Obi (Chelsea) – these 5 players become your own teamlist on the leadersboard.

As you watch the live match, you also watch your team’s points update in real time. You will continue to view the performance of each of your selected players and the cumulative score of your 5 players position your team on the leadersboard. Always check on your progress on the leadersboard, which updates every two minutes through out the game.

You can make substitutions at anytime during the live match. You have the choice to make 2 substitutions during the match to enhance your chances of getting on the winners podium.

At the end, winners appear at podium for all to see. Prizes are paid depending on the size of the room and the amount you staked. Go to the website to study the full rules of the game and how prizes are disbursed.

The Winners cash prize is immediately transferred into your local bank account – First Bank, GTBank, Eco Bank, UBA… So then, at anytime you like you can smile to your bank to withdraw the Cash.

For this week live matches, you can get Picklive Nigeria Scratch card to top up your account. Call: +234 809 877 2556

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