10 Lessons from Nwankwo Kanu's Football Career | Excerpt - eBook Now Available

Any Football Player that Want to Be Successful Should Read the Life and Career of

Success is not lucky. If you do the things a successful person did in the same circumstances, you will become successful too, because you’ll get the same result. No doubt, Nwankwo Kanu is the most successful football player that came out of Africa. The success of Kanu is so large you do wonder if he is from this part of the world.

Yes, he is! He is a proud Nigerian for that matter. Kanu, with all his achievement in life, still prefer Nigeria than anywhere in the world. Even with the corruption and mal-administration in Nigeria football that made many Nigeria football players to naturalize in foreign countries, Kanu preferred to be the one to lift-up his country and bring smiles to football fans in Africa.

The question is how did Nwankwo kanu succeed where many Nigerian football players failed? Some said is the grace of God upon his life. Yes, it is the grace. But, how did Kanu receive the grace. There must be something that he did or does which propels the grace. He must have developed true character for success.

This is what I try to explore in this book. The ideals of Nwankwo Kanu as lessons for our football players as well as anyone that desire to become famous, wealthy, and achieve lots of success in life.

This book is not Nwankwo Kanu’s biography. Though, it gives a lot of insight about his lifestyle and career success. I do not think I am in the right position to write Kanu’s biography. There are people so close to the super star right from childhood – His brothers, Friends, and fellow players could tell more about him.

Football managers and coaches such as Fanny Amu, Louis van Gaal, Arsene Wenger, could also say much about his abilities in the field of play.

I was not opportune to have a personal interview with Kanu, but I have sat with his younger brother, Christopher Kanu, and some players who played with him earlier in his career in Owerri  - Scamper, Everest Obichere, Ekenna Nnado, Mobi Oparaku etc. I heard them say a lot about him.

I only got close to Kanu when I was in the Polytechnic Nekede school team and we played several friendly games with Federal works football club because they also trained in the school playground. Kanu played for the team then, and you can’t but notice him, because his football was so exceptional.

Kanu is our own hero. I’m one of his fans. I watch, read and search for information concerning the player. It was my research on Internet that got me some profound revelations of Nwankwo Kanu- The secret behind his successful football career.

I think there are some lessons for anyone who is “determined” to succeed. This is the reason I wrote eBook to everyone learn something from him.  I try to do a character evaluation in most of the chapters in the book, which I think, will help the reader to evaluate his or her own personal character for success and possibly make a change.

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