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 In Africa, football is seen as a magical game that often has mystical interpretations. Players sometimes are elevated to the status of idols or gods. Then there are stadiums, which are often referred to as Temple or Shrine.

Africa’s longtime fetish believes may have crept into the football culture of most countries in the continent. The superstitious belief of a fathom ‘god of soccer’ who determines the winner and loser of every game is perhaps, behind fans trying to invoke it’s favor for their team as well as it’s wrath to fall against their opponent.

Indeed, most football matches are interpreted as being spiritual; famous victories occasionally go down in annals of the game as miracles with equally famous defeats brought about by cruel twist of fate. So, fans in Africa come to the stadium ready to evoke the god of soccer. The photos here captured some of the fans display at African Cup of Nations.

Burkina Faso Juju Masquerade Evoking outside the stadium

Congo DR Fan Voodoo Chants

Togo fJuju Priest make evocations in the Stadium

Nigerian Fans evoke Psalms in the stadium

Ghana Fan hypnotize players from fans stand

Zambia Witch doctor evokes in the stadium

Mali witch Doctor enchanting

Egyptian Sorcerer Snake display

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