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By the time you finish reading the first post that attracted you to this blog; you may decide to change your status from a visitor to a fan.

‘Like’ or ‘follow us’
What you may want to do is to be vitally connected to us. Then look at the right side bar, you may ‘like’ our fan page on facebook or click on Google+, you may want to ‘follow’ the publisher Benson Chukwueke. Otherwise, you want to subscribe to the blog by email – which ever you prefer to do.

In fact, this is what most first time visitors do. They quickly discover that our posts as well as advertorials are important information products that gives or link them to the football solutions they so desire. So visitors are never in a hurry when they arrive here.

Latest Posts: you may like to check out some of our latest posts. You can see more and more posts as you click the ‘load more’ button below to find any of the articles that may interest you.

Live Feed: Otherwise, check the ‘live feed’ on the right side bar below to see what people are reading real time on this blog. Click any of the post title on the live feed that may interest you and see it open for you to read also.

Star and Popular Posts: these posts usually get the attention of most visitors. You may take some time to read some or all of them – always click ‘Home’ button on the top left side bar as you finish reading each article. It isn’t for nothing that these articles became star post or popular Posts. There should be something in those articles for you.

Find Post On: If you are like some of the scholars that visit the blog for research, then you may want to check out the labels to ‘find Post on’ a category of topics that may interest you or you may scroll down to look at the list of our eBook titles to see the one that can help your research project.

Search: Otherwise go to the top right side on the blog to find a ‘search engine’ button. Type keywords or topics you may have read on the blog before, then the blog search engine will deliver the result to you.

Make Money: Apart from scholars that frequently visit the blog, Nigerian football community at home and in Diaspora also visit to make money. They frequently visit to discover products or formulas that can help them win jackpot. Talk about taking your passion to the bank. So don’t you ever ignore banners advertisement or advertorial posts on this blog! 

Football Empowerment: Aspiring footballers also visit this blog to get information on Academies, training camps, trials, tournaments, talent hunt programs – to develop their skills as well as jump start a professional football career.

Fan your Ego: Most Nigerians visit this blog to fan their ego a little bit. This blog probably store the largest memoir of Nigeria football achievements and history.

Did you have the records and statistics why Nigeria is probably the greatest football country in Africa? Did you know who is called the “Flying Cat?” All these you find as you navigate round the blog and click on labels like ‘Memorabilia,’ ‘Nigeria trophies and Awards.’

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