Ikechukwu Uche’s New Year Resolution Can Earn Him Multi-Million Naira In 2015 | Sign Up Pro-Lawyer to Negotiate Deals

New Year resolution for Ikechukwu Uche isn’t so much about what habit he needs to stop in 2015, but about what more he can do now on the prime of his career. The fair Super Eagles star striker may have looked at his prospects as a model and Brand ambassador in Nigeria and has gone ahead to  sign up a pro- negotiator  Lawyer to  take  care of the marketing end.

Since Ikechukwu renewed his contract with the Spanish club Villarreal, a lot of brands in Nigeria have been knocking on his door. Some need him to model their products, while others are offering him their brand ambassador. Perhaps, you may want to find out why suddenly interest has shifted to the Villarreal player.

We all know Super Eagles will not be participating in Africa Cup of Nation (AFCON) 2015, so there’s no chance for ikechukwu to show case his skills in Equatorial Guinea . So why are advertisers clamoring to have him as their brand ambassador?

Well, Ikechukwu uche is in his best form now; so some brand managers are already anticipating that he may become one of the most popular players in Nigeria. IKechukwu is scoring more regular now and may turn out to be the first choice marksman for Villarreal, so he is likely to be on the spotlight in 2015.

IKechukwu has the looks and physique and can pass for a real model, apart from his celebrity status. So you can understand why brands want to kill two birds with one stone. Ikechukwu can be a superb model for top class fashion brands.

Talking about the business sense of an Ibo man, Ikechukwu has gone ahead to sign Majestic Management and Activity Chambers to market his services and enter into negotiation with any company, Corporate body, government agency, Organizations… interested in him advertising and or endorsing their brands to the public.

Johnny Precious Ogbah, the pro-negotiator Lawyer, as he is popularly called, explained the kind of agreement his Chamber entered with the Super Eagles player.

“Ikechukwu Uche is a great role model every brand would like to associate with, no doubt, but his growing popularity in Nigeria and around the world has made him the most wanted bride, companies are ready to woo him to become their brand associate or ambassador here in Nigeria.”

“The face of Ikechukwu Uche can sell any brand in the around the world and we are very much in anticipation that in 2015, he can get the entire spotlight. He’s already scoring regularly for his club Villarreal and we expect him to perfect his acts or skills in 2015.” Ogbah passionately told us.

“We needed a kind of authorization to enable us push his personal brand to companies and advertising agencies. This Non-exclusive authorization gives my chambers some kind of right to engage the services of sport marketing agencies for the purpose of securing endorsement and advertising deals with organizations.” Ogbah concluded.

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