“#Golden Eaglets ‘Rape’ Virgin Kids” | Something Goes Wrong with The Sun Newspaper's Title

 Three days ago, January 11, 2015, when Sunday Sun newspapers hit the news stand that morning – the outburst began. Some Nigerians who saw it immediately took to their Twitter handle to express their irritation on the defamatory title “#Golden Eaglets ‘Rape’ Virgin Kids.” – follow thread on twitter.

“What’s The Sun’s editor THINKING??” – Inspire Football wrote on its Twitter handle.
Perhaps, he is trying to create an intriguing title, which has now backfired – bringing the media establishment to stand before the ‘Public Court.’

I first read it on #Staffy Xclusive.com, then I saw Linda Ikeji’s blog version of the story. Over a thousand blogs have vehemently questioned the title. As I write now, more and more Nigerians are blogging their reactions on the matter online.

It could easily win the most controversial news title of the year. Indeed, it got all the attention it wanted, if that’s what it is meant to achieve – though, a bad image for The Sun’s media brand.

Apparently, people are irritated with Sunday Sun for its choice of word. Many felt the word ‘Rape’ is too strong to be misused at anytime.

Virgin Kids is a football Academy based in Abuja. The Golden Eaglets (the current Nigeria U16 national team) beat them 3 – 1 at the NFF/ FIFA Goal Project in Abuja. The problem causing the outburst is the way Sunday Sun captioned the story. Many felt the use of ‘rape’ to tag Golden Eaglets victory over Virgin Kids is inappropriate.

The write, Emma Njoku, definitely touched the heart of Nigerians the wrong way and I don’t know if the Sun’s reporter has come out to apologize to the public or probably write a rejoinder – to explain that they never had any wrong intentions behind the title.

The interesting thing for me is how the social media has provided us a kind of Public Court; not even the mainstream media organizations could feed us with ‘rubbish’ anymore. This let you know the kind of power in the hands of bloggers today. We can harness the potentials; we can get more organized to use our blogs to dissolve doubts and to promote the great heritage of our dear country Nigeria.

The Green Light Project is calling on Nigeria bloggers all around the world to use their platform to rebrand Nigeria.

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