3 Winning-Edge that Drive Nigerian Fans to Stake their Money like Mad | Does Your Online Sports Betting Hob have them?

 How fast can you integrate these winning-edge solutions to your online sports gaming hobs? I know you may have thought about it before, but still dragging your feet. But the thing is this, how fast you can add these will determine how much you will be able to stuff into your bank account in the next one or two years, while this is still tenable.

I guess you will thank your star that you came across this article today; whether you are an online business entrepreneur or a sports fan who is hoping that someone would find solution to some of the challenges you face while staking online. The solution has come!

Mobile App: If you still view the mobile platform as just another marketing channel, then you have to think again. Over 4.2 billion people across the world today actively use mobile device. 72.3% of Nigerians have at least a mobile phone; and 51.1% have some kind of smart devices – phone, tab, pad that they actively use in their daily transactions. This is far beyond 29.1% of the population that own or have access to a personal computer – Desktop, Laptop, Palmtop…

Nigerians are always on the go and some of their mobile devices allow them to stream live sports events without the battery running out. So they want to be able to stake while viewing a live match in a Gas station, quick service bar or restaurant. It is much to your business advantage if they could easily access your sports betting App on their mobile device and do all the staking without operational difficulties.

Mobile Wallet: A lot of Nigerians are averse to using their ATM cards online due to how Cyber-criminals hack into personal information online and the fear that they may defraud their bank account. Fans prefer to stake using a one time payment scratch (Recharge card) to top up their online sport betting account, but while on transit or enclosed environment, they may find it difficult to purchase a recharge card and may have no other option but to forgo staking the on-going match.

This may be the reason mobile telecom companies have adopted the mobile wallet into their payment system. Customers can easily recharge their phones on the go through their mobile wallet. All customers need do is to fund their electronic wallet, which doesn’t require their bank account information when used Online.

Bookmakers in Nigeria should integrate the mobile wallet plug-in into their online payment system, so fans can pay directly from their mobile device anywhere they are. This is so important because it can drive a whole new set of fans to start staking and the old ones to stake more.

Automatic Payment to Winners: Integrating an automatic payment system where winners’ bank account are instantly credited and an alert sent to their phones. This can give more credibility to your sports betting brand.

Winners would have no need to come to your office or go to an Agent to sort out their payment. This can handle a lot of credibility issues bookmakers contend with in Nigeria.

While opening account with a sports gaming brand online, all customer need do is to provide their

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