Future Football, What we know and the Changes that must come in 2022

Footbonaut Machine Training Players

 We’re living in a century that’s all about technology. We know that it won’t end with Goal Line. The outlook of the game of football will change rapidly in the next seven to ten years in such a way that it would marvel even the most sophisticated fan.

By 2022, football would look like a game played in space by the techie alterations and the replacement of the human factor. Technology will change the rule of the game.

Although, football has long held out against the encroachment of technology onto the pitch, but with the necessity that brought about the Goal Line Technology (GLT) and need to minimize other human errors, may bring about further use of technology.

Already, German football legend, Franz Beckenbauer, has predicted that one day helicopter drones would replace Referees on the football pitch. You don’t need telescope to see afar off on this one. It will soon happen.

Helicopter Drone to Replace Referees

While other sports like Rugby and American football have long used technology to re-assess critical decisions, football has been content to rely on the human factor. But that won’t be for too long; not with the kind of technological innovations that are springing up every other day, which can help resolve some controversial decisions and improve the lot of the game.

With the arrival of ‘Big Data Analytics’ in sports, it won’t be just about making decisions on the rule of the game, technology will change tactics and approaches of teams as well as the way fans enjoy the game.

imCoach Tracking and Tactics Reader

Already, it is playing out. While on the pitch there is the goal line technology and around the stadium are sensors capturing data and directing everything. The coaches are using key statistics of the on-going game to alter tactics and to come up with winning strategies. Then, fans are also viewing data on their devices and using it to make decisions on their fantasy football game and betting online.

Footballers will soon be playing like half machine. In Germany, some clubs now train their players with footbonaut machines. Again, there is the introduction of smart clothing that also transmit data on the health and emotional nuisance of a player while on the pitch.
Smart Cloth for Players

The point is this, technology will alter everything and there will be a lot of replacement of the human factor. We are predicting that most of these changes will occur before 2026.
  • Drones will replace referees
  • Footbonaut will replace trainers
  • Players will wear smart clothes and play like machines
  • Telemetry Performance analysis will replace Scouts
  • Robots will replace human security in the stadium and waiters in the concessionaires
  • And Much more.

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