How Footballers in Nigeria Can Raise Fund for the Next Trial Camp | Gold Cooperative Scheme Alternative

 We’re seriously thinking of footballers who have real talent, but truly do not have money to pay their way to a trial camp abroad. We don’t want your God given talent to waste like that. If your Dad and Mom couldn’t pay for your trial camp, then we should find a way to get you out there. But you must be passionate enough to make it happen – it requires your diligence!

To attend a two weeks trial camp in UK would cost you over N1 million Nigeria Naira; exactly £3,500 British pound sterling. So it’s not a child’s play, it requires a lot of sacrifice to invest such huge sum of money.

Well, don’t let the money scare you! We have an ultimate game plan for footballers like you in Nigeria. It is the IFL Network – Gold fund cooperative Scheme.

It is simple; Inspire Football Life (IFL Network) is using Goldmine Liberty Concept to help footballers raise funds to pay for trial camp abroad.

 Gold Fund cooperative scheme gives footballers the opportunity to use small investments to generate huge returns. Each footballer starts with $25 US Dollars and earns over $5,625 US Dollars at the end of the circle.

The circle can be completed within 8 to 16 weeks (2 -4 months) depending on how active a footballer’s team members are bringing 3 persons as expected.

This is how it Works:
You register with just $35 US Dollars, equivalent to N6, 650 Nigeria Naira. Your $35 registration will be distributed as follows:
  • $25 (N4750) to be invested in Gold fund cooperative scheme.
  • $10 (N1900) to pay for IFL Network services, which include to open a special savings account for you at First Bank of Nigeria’s Micro finance and to take care of correspondence.
  • After completing your registration you are then required to invite and get 3 other footballers to register with $35 like you did. And as your down line continues to grow and expand, more money will be paid into your special saving account at FBN Micro finance, until the full circle, when you would have earned over $5,625 (in about 4 months).
  • At the 5th month, with your approval we will withdraw the money from the special saving account, pay for trial camp and visas logistics.
  • By the 6th month, ZOOM! You are off to UK.

Over 20 footballers are already on the scheme and 10 of them are likely to be ready to travel to UK in May 2015, to participate in a two weeks trial camp at St. Gregory’s park (Camp of England national team).

This amazing little scheme has proof to be the solution most footballers are looking for in Nigeria. If you start today (March 2015), then you are likely to be ready to travel by August break – this summer. If you are ready to join the scheme, click logo below to register your interest. We contact in few hours later to give directions on how to start.

We feel any serious footballer will be able to do this scheme. Believe me, it so easy and fun to invite your fellow footballers and get them to be part of the scheme (An opportunity for them to start-off their football career in Europe).

In case you are a footballer and you can’t trust us on this or go the extra mile to raise $35 US Dollars (N6, 650) and get 3 other footballers to register like you, then I’m sorry, we cannot help you any further – try next door! 

This is another effort of GreenHunters Sports International to empower talented youth in Africa.

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