7 Businesses Most Nigeria’s Ex-International Footballers Venture Into | Life After Playing

 Guess where ex-Portsmouth FC striker is? No, Nwankwo Kanu is probably not chilling in one hotel room, squandering his fortunes. He’s likely to be with his real estate manager or stock broker planning out the next tactical investment steps to make more money.

There’s life after playing football and most Nigeria’s ex-international footballers are investing into new ventures to make more money or at least sustain the one they already had amassed. Let us look at some of the top businesses most of them venture into.

Real Estate: Acquiring land and building houses seem to be the most reliable business venture most Nigerian ex-international venture into. Ex-player, Nwankwo Kanu, bought a house in London, a wing of five star hotels in Dubai and own 35 Storey estates in Maitama Abuja. These are apart from his mansion in Owerri and Arochukwu.

Car Dealership: Importation of new and used cars is another business both ex-international and the ones still playing venture into. The major car freaks are Austin Okocha and Obafemi Martins.

Okocha own a Toyota dealership showroom at Alaka Surulere and Martins own a car shop in Victoria Island Lagos. There are several ex-footballers importing ‘tokumbo’ cars and have their display parks across the country.

Stock Trading: Several Nigeria’s ex-international trade on the stock market. Sunday Oliseh own major shares in companies both in Nigeria and abroad. His Stock brokers, Future view has amassed stocks and made a major shareholder in Fidelity Bank and Total Plc. Peter Rufai has major shares in Nestles, BUA and Nigerite.

Importation of Designer Clothes and Sports Wears: This is another business several ex-international venture into. Prominent among them is Emeka Ezeugo, importing designer clothing from Bangkok, Bangladesh and sometime from China. Another ex-player involved in importation is Garba Lawal, importing from Saudi Arabia, Baghdad and Dubai.

Importation of Computers, Gadgets and Accessories: This is yet another business several ex-footballers venture into and several of them own shops in computer village Lagos.

Austin Okocha is also a major importer of computers, Smart Phones, Tabs and accessories from China. Another ex-player involved in the importation of gadgets and general goods is Emmanuel Babayaro.

Hotel and Restaurants: Several ex-internationals venture into hotel and restaurant business. Finidi George owns a five star hotel in Gborokiri Port Harcourt. Mobi Oparaku owns a Mr. Biggs Franchise and a sport bar in Owerri.

Transportation and Logistics: Some ex-international that made real money in their playing days could afford to venture into high capital businesses like transportation and logistics.

Nwankwo Kanu has fleet of trailer lorries that that transport goods around the country. The same with Celestine Babayaro, who has over 10 Volkwagen lorries and a logistics company in Kano.

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