Benson Chukwueke Joins GLC – to Help Talented Footballers in Nigeria Raise Funds for the Next Trial Camp | Read this Life Changing Interview

 A vision to turn football sport in Nigeria from a government controlled not-for-profit enterprise to a well structured wealth creating industry, was all Benson Chukwueke Needed to drive change in his country.

Today, he is more popularly known as ‘Gamer changer,’ Nigeria’s football revolutionist, who uses football connections to discover, inspires and creates opportunities for thousands of youths not just in Nigeria, but across Africa.

Chukwueke is the CEO of his own football marketing consulting firm – GreenHunters Sports International.

He speaks about his mission and the journey so far; why he recently joined Goldmine Liberty Concept (GLC) – a financial investment and Multi Level Marketing (MLM) organization. Read this very inspiring and life changing interview.

Q1 – What prompted you to start a football business consulting firm in Nigeria?

A1 – I guess I saw great opportunity for creating wealth, which many stakeholders are yet to appreciate today.

I saw an over whelming amount of active football consumers and millions of talents wasting, because there isn’t a well-structured industry to harness these enormous wealth creating potentials in the country.

I studied Sport Marketing management at post graduate level and have acquired skills over the years, which now put me in that level of providing solutions today. I recognized that I have become a change agent and it’s imperative that I set up a football consulting firm to meet the needs of the people.

 Q2 – Why Nigeria Football?

A2 – Everyone love football in this country. Football offers an escape from everyday struggle and has proved to be a vital tool for building national unity in our country Nigeria.

Football is an extension of the ultimate Nigerian dream. In my early days I was an amateur footballer and largely participated at the grassroots, so I have seen and felt all the yearning of a typical youngster in Nigeria. They want to be like Mikel Obi, enjoying all the fame and the unbelievable amount of money he earn each week.

It could be the same for parents that dream to have a top flight footballer like Mikel in their family, someone who could change their story from grass to grace.

A well-structured football industry will provide all the opportunity to empower our people, through support businesses that will spring up; more talented players that will jump start professional football career both in Nigeria and abroad.

Football has the potential to totally eliminate poverty in our extended family units, that’s why I think I should go the extra mile to achieve the change that is needed.

Q3 – What has the journey been like, in bringing the change you spoke about?

A3 – Government has used football as a political tool rather than an economic tool for growth. This is what needs to change. Government should allow football operate like a typical business enterprise in the hands of private entrepreneurs.

Commercializing football in Nigeria requires different kind of orientation and practice. It requires professional skills and enabling business environment.

We are putting massive pressure on government through awareness campaign. We are educating as well as providing opportunities for training and re-training, preparing the way for the next generation of professionals that will administer the business of football in Nigeria.

We are going the extra mile to discover and expose as much talented footballers in the country and provide them opportunity to jump start real professional football career abroad.

We publish two blogs for this purpose (Inspire Football and Cheer on Nigeria) as well as e-reports and eBooks. We are getting all the attention through our promotional campaigns on these new media and a lot of people are already commending our good works.

Q4 – What has been the biggest challenge?

A4 – FUNDS! There just aren’t enough funds to do all the things I wanted to do. Thank God I have brought together the most amazing team who are the heart and soul of the business now. They help carry the burden.

Most talented footballers we try to expose do not have funds too. They are mostly from poor families. So if Dad and Mom couldn’t pay for the trial camp, we must find a way to get them out there.

I recently joined Goldmine Liberty Concept (GLC), a micro investment company that give footballers the platform to raise funds for themselves through Multi Level Marketing (MLM) thrift scheme – Gold Cooperative Funds

Now footballers can raise funds to pay for and attend some of the best trial camps around the world. 

Read the article below to understand how it works:


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