Coacher App: Do more with this software on your iPad 3 | Improve your Players and Win More Matches

 I feel so excited since I got to know about Coacher App. As I am writing this now, I feel I can be the best football coach in the world with the coacher App on my iPad 3.

I highly recommend this software for Nigerian coaches. It’s all about big data analytics; both coaches and clubs should begin to invest in the modern method of coaching – technology made easy.

Coacher App incorporates the full coaching work flow into one tool from match day to practice day.

Football (Soccer) Coaches can plan training sessions faster and more efficiently, capture live data from matches in an easy way and analyze the powerfully statistics that are generated.

Register everything happening during your matches (fouls, shots, cards, substitutions, offside, ball recovery – the list goes on).

Practice made easy - get access to hundreds of specific training drills and ready to go training sessions.

Meaningful statistics - study player and team performance at any time to develop your players and team strategy.

More efficient team management - update your player profiles with information on attendance, availability, skills rating and statistics.

Coacher App helps you read the game. Study player and team performances at anytime and during the on-going match. It is more than just winning a match. Coacher App will tell you what your team did well and where you need to adjust, to replicate winning match’s week in, week out.

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