Top Nigerian Comedians Go Football Crazy| View the Photo Gallery

Ali Baba, King of Comedy and Ex-footballers

Football is not a joke, but most comedians in Nigeria follow the sports so passionately as if they depend on it for livelihood. It is usually a free for all show during major English Premiership and UEFA Champions League matches at the Galleria Victoria island Lagos.

You would want to miss the ‘jabis.’ Comedians’ nudges you to laugh at every move footballers make on the big screen TV, but you may have to take cover if can’t take a smack, because the comedians throw random comic punch at each other and to anyone around, as they support their favorite team. You may just laugh your head off or crack your ribs before the game is over.

Here we want to show you some photo gallery of some Nigerian comedians as they pose the camera

Charles Awurum, Great comedian and film actor

Mr.Ibu and Co

Lepacious Bose, Queen of Comedy

Nigerian Comedian FC

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