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2015 Nigerian football Fans Festival – the Excitement is on! | what’s in it for you?

Nigerian football Fans festival scheduled to hold in June 2015… is the first of its kind in this country. According to the chairman of the festival’s organizing committee, Tam Oben, the festival is conceptualized as a giving-back platform for the ever-increasing and passionate football fans around the world.

“The fact is football has continued to take center stage in Nigeria as it is in the other developed countries.

“We proposed the idea of organizing an annual football fans festival, taking into cognizance the fact that football is made interesting by fans. It’s an opportunity to get organized and to get our voice to become louder in the future.” Oben said.

It’ll be all fun!

“To make this unique vision more interesting and all-encompassing as a world class event in our local environment, we have developed the first football fans’ social network:

“The network which is for all football fans is made in Nigeria and will be expected to be exported to the other part of the world.” Oben explained.

There will be an exhibition tournament where fans get the chance to represent their favorite team. So are you a Chelsea fan or Arsenal… get your boots on, come show your skills. It will be 16 teams with highest registered fans will eventually compete in the exhibition tournament. So register now!

If your club has been selected to be among the 16 clubs competing in the Football Fans Festival, simply follow these steps:
  • Pay registration fees online and complete the registration form at OR at any Zenith Bank branch in Nigeria. Registration fee is N3000.
  • Next fill the form online at (Will be available soon).
  • The dates of trial selections and trainings for your zone will be sent via SMS and Foofans Mail.
*All selection details will be published and constantly updated on our football fans social network, This competition is open to both male and female soccer fans all around the world.
Your selection guarantees your all-expense paid representation of your team at the festival. Your team could also be on its way to watch your club live in the 2015/2016 football season as the winning team of the first official Football Fans Festival League, with medals, sponsors merchandise, and whooping cash prizes for each team member.

The Fans Quiz League:

 The Foofans Nigeria 2015 Quiz League will be the biggest definitive and rewarding footballing quiz contest. Take a chance to show a good knowledge of your club and be on your way to watch your club live in the 2015/2016 football season plus cash and other prizes!

How to Play: On the web:
  • Go to Click on the Foofans Nigeria 2015 Quiz League button, and see the question for the week.
  • Text the correct option to 33140 in the format: Foofans space answer space your club. Eg.  SMS “Foofans B Manchester united” to 33140
Via SMS:
  • Text “Foofans space question space your club” to 33140 to get the question for the week. Eg. SMS “Foofans Question Real madrid ” to 33140.
  • You will receive the question for the week by SMS
  • Text the correct option to 33140 in the format: Foofans space Answer space Your club. Eg. SMS “Foofans B Eyimba” to 33140 

Answer the questions correctly and stand a chance to be selected as one of 5 representatives of your team in the Quiz League. The more correct answers you send in, the more your chances of selection on the Foofans Nigeria 2015 Quiz League Game Show. The 16 teams with the highest number of fans registration on will participate in the quiz league, with the winning team to get an all-expense paid trip to watch their favourite club play live in the 2015/2016 season, and meet the players, plus other cash prizes.

The festival would give the opportunity to discover hidden talents. It’ll also offer economic advantage and many more high-valued benefits.

The festival is supported by the National Sports Commission (NSC). The minister of sports, Tammy Danagogo gave the commendation and made pledge at the unveiling of the festival’s logo and the endorsement of the football fans’ social network in Abuja.

“I commend the organizers for this initiative, because it is in line with our new thinking of sports administration which will involve everyone, especially the private sector.

“Your effort is laudable and we will give you every support needed to ensure you do something that will leave a legacy behind.” Danagogo said.

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