Nigeria Vs Brazil – Live Streaming | Tips on How to Get ‘Link’ on the Web for 2015 FIFA U20 World Cup

Nigeria Vs Brazil match at FIFA U20 world cup is scheduled for Monday June 1 by 13:00 local time, which will be 2am, Nigeria time.

New Zealand is 11 hours ahead of Nigeria in the time zone.

It means Nigerian fans will stay awake to keep vigil with their darling Flying Eagles team. Just like the parable of the 10 virgins, it requires that every individual fan in Nigeria plan ahead of time, where and how he or she can watch the match live.

It’s likely that most sport bars or viewing centers may not be allowed to operate at that wee hour of the morning or probably, you can’t even risk going out at that time. Remember, you will be setting out for work few hours after the match.

You may decide to set up your television or to stay over at a friend or neighbor’s house so both of you can see the match and enjoy it together. I hope you are aware that no free-to-air TV station in Nigeria has the right to broadcast the match live. So it requires that you get Satellite decoder and subscribe to stations like Super Sports and Sky TV.

Again, the epileptic electric power supply in Nigeria and the scarcity of PMS to fuel your Generator set may be an issue. You have to consider which is best for you.

You may decide to set up your desk top computer, tablet or Smartphone with a Wi-fi hot spot from any network operators in Nigeria. For instance, Etisalat sell a videopak that allow you to stream video on your device non-stop for 2hours at N400 Naira only. All you need to do is to recharge your Battery to full capacity and probably support it with a Power Bank.

Few minutes before start of the match, you can log-on to this forum www, to see the links available. Click on the link for live streaming of the match. It’s entirely free, without Advert pop-ups. has a list of official broadcasters. You can find a link to stream the match live on their website. You can download App on Google play store and automatically link the match by selecting one among the list shown in the App.

Well, you can log-on to this blog 15 minutes to the match. We’ll be posting a link to all Flying Eagles matches at FIFA U20 World cup – catch you on match day.


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