[Old School!] Stop Sending Your CV or Resume?? | Let branded.me Create for You a Personal Website that Attract Opportunities – in Minutes.

It’s a bit old fashion now, if you are still sending your CV or Resume to employers, team mangers or contractors. The new way is to create a Personal Website and host it online; so that interested parties can easily find you when optimized.


Over 514 sport professionals got better contacts abroad in the last 6 months just by creating a Personal Website online. A recent study shows that Personal Websites will be more important over the next 5 years’ and become pivotal to career success.

We are all aware of the fact that personal branding and personalization of businesses are the future of internet, that’s exactly where the world is heading to right now.

 Though you play in a team sport such as football, managers and fans would always want to relate to you as an individual. Awards such as Ballon d’Or recognize individual performances more than team. So people are interested in what you can bring on board, both in the field of play and off the pitch.

A website is one of the most powerful means of promoting your Personal brand, yet only 4% of people currently have one. So you are one step ahead of your colleagues by just reading this article. Creating a personal Website now will give you an edge in the sports industry; in fact, any industry where you work today.

Companies, clubs, government around the world are already using the new technology in sourcing human capital. Perhaps, the most important benefit of having a Personal Website online puts you on the global market 24/7 all round the year.

Susan Salzbrenner, author of the book, Play Abroad 101, said “Since I created my personal website, I’ve been contracted to speak in Sports conferences in the USA, China, UK, Brazil… by people I never knew before. My website has given me professional recognition and networking opportunities across the globe.”

“I also utilize my website as a platform to sell my wares, especially the book I just published – Play Abroad 101.” Salzbrenner explained. Click here to view her Personal website.

The study shows that professionals today have received tangible benefits from creating and maintaining a personal website

  • 71% of the respondents said having a website is important in helping build their personal brand.

  • 70% said that their personal website is important for attracting new opportunities. Employers now review your online brand before you are invited for interview.

How You Can Get Your Personal Website in Minutes

branded.me is the fastest and easiest way for professionals to create completely customizable personal websites. branded.me empowers individuals of all ages and skill levels to take control of their Personal brands and build personal websites in minutes or even seconds.

The platform automates the process of building a personal website through puling relevant information from linkedIn and generating beautiful mobile – friendly website in seconds.

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