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How does she do it? I used to wonder about Linda Ikeji, how she achieved so much through blogging. That Lady is become so popular all over the world. She makes over N50million Naira a year just by blogging. I know you envy her result too...  Last year she bought a Range Rover 2014 model. Right now, as a write, she is cruising in Paris.


Are you a Blogger? Here is the issue... You get a lot of praise from your fans and friend as you blog daily, but what’s that? Unfortunately, Most Bloggers have no clue how to get paid for their content creation.

If you, like me, are the person who follows specific directions from the top gurus in the internet marketing profession - you probably went crazy writing blog post and shooting value packed videos believing that one day floods of traffic would hit your website resulting in MORE LEADS AND MORE SALES.... right?

Instead, you find yourself spending 2-4 hours writing each day, only to discover your readership is slim-to-none and your potential buyers seem non-existent.

Keep faith, you continue blogging for months, even years, expecting a much different result... that's madness! In fact, the first law of madness!

It's sucking your energy and the best hours of your day, and you are left with little to nothing to show for it.

 I'VE BEEN THERE - I FELT THE PAIN! I could barely survive, depending on my wife's salary. I became a bad guy to my landlord, neighbors and friends, because I couldn't pay my bills or fulfill my promises.

I couldn't tell anyone how hard I work, not even my wife. They all see me as Unemployed lay about.

I had a dream like Martin Luther King. My goal was to blog EVERYDAY for 5 years straight!

My thinking was that I would have about 1,500 to 1,800 SEO optimized blog posts (or mini sales letters) that would rank in the search engines bringing in waves of traffic to my sport marketing and affiliate offers. Little did I know that I was spinning my wheels?

Over 400 posts later, my personal blog was only doing about 6,000 unique visitors per month... from organic traffic (and no real promotion).

Yet, some of my close internet marketing friends who "had a blog" would generate multiple 10,000's of unique visitors monthly, and even daily, without breaking a sweat. (Some had as little as 10 posts total on their entire blog)

Clearly, I was caught up in "BUSY WORK" against "INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITIES"


-I spent more than 2 hours creating a blog post - DAILY!

-I spent more time creating the post, rather than promoting it!

-I gave away value, value, value but sold nothing, nothing, nothing!

-I didn't know how to follow up with visitors who didn't opt-in!

-The blogs seemed more for my own skill development rather than loyal readership!

...To cut the long story short...

My BLOGGING strategy was broken and flawed!

If you are like I once was, you are probably wondering how to INCREASE your results from blogging in a fraction of the time, and without blogging yourself to death as you keep spinning your wheels.

As you may have heard... WHAT IS WORTH DOING IS WORTH TRAINING FOR! I've been undergoing some very intense training. Getting better, faster, and stronger! Well ok... just wanted to sound like a movie star, but you get the point.

I have put together NEW blogging training about a new strategy that I'll be sharing with you very soon. You'll have an opportunity to work very closely with me to transform your results in blogging. This strategy freaking rocks!

If you have a blog, this new training may include an offer where I will PROFESSIONALY REVIEW YOUR BLOG... for attracting buyers!

 "With my blog "CHEER ON NIGERIA alone, I’ve been able to generate significant traffic, leads, and sales with a blog that has become so popular. In fact, I generate N500, 000 Naira in sales and commissions each single month. THIS PROVEN "BLOG" FORMULA will work for you too.  I’m the GREEK SQUAD! Call me in and I’ll diagnose and fix whatsoever, when it comes to attracting buyers to your blog.

But what about my service fee… It’s negotiable, you know what I mean, eh. PRIVATE TRAINING. Call me: +234 809 877 2556

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