Juventus Vs Barcelona - UEFA Champions League Finals | How Fans in Nigeria Divide their Support

A recent study by GreenHunters Sports International shows that about 50 million football fans in Nigeria are likely to see the UEFA Chanmpions league finals between Juventus Vs Barcelona at the Olympiad stadium Berlin Germany come Saturday 6.

72% will be watching from Sport Bars or Viewing Centers; while 21% will be watching from their homes; other 4% will be watching on their Devices while on the go - that's how big the match is.

It's the major discussion among fans, apart from the ongoing FIFA U20 World Cup in New Zealand, which Flying Eagles are part of. The fans rooting for either Juventus or Barcelona have been truly dispassionate.

Ordinarily, you would have concluded that Barca would have more fans support at viewing Centers across the county. Why? Barca currently has more fans in Nigeria than Juventus. In fact, Barcelona fan base in Nigeria grew from about 10million to about 12million by this season ending. Of course, you are aware that about 85% Barca fans also support Arsenal FC of England as first choice or vice versa.

Perhaps, in the 80s or 90s Juventus was one of the popular European clubs enjoying large support in Nigeria because of their successes then, but now people are still making up their mind.

Barcelona and Arsenal being close rivals of Chelsea may see most Chelsea. Fans supporting Juventus at the finals. And as you know, Chelsea currently has the largest fan base, over 20 million. Our study has shown that the support for Juventus is massive.

Indeed, Juventus has been so impressive this year, winning both the Italian Seria A and the Cops le rera. Some analysts say that its only the team capable of holding the ravaging Barcelona's South American mercenaries: Messi, Suarez, and Nyamar. Juventus has a water tight defence and incredible attackers: Vidal, Tevez and Podgba - the best counter attacking team.

Meanwhile, Juventus has been in UEFA finals eight times and won twice - 12 years ago 2003. While Barcelona has also been in the finals eight times and won four - last in 2009.

Many has tag this year's UEFA finals as -  'finals of true Champions.'

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