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It’s a standard promotional concept: if you want to attract team across Nigeria or even Africa to participate in your football tournament, buy advertorial slot on a select media, which has the clout to reach your target audience in such a national or continental  scale.

Unless your budget can accommodate it, to advertise on a national newspaper like Complete Sports for instance, may cost you nothing less than N60, 000 for a quarter page of one insertion. Then for maximum exposure you may need to run a campaign over a period in several sports newspapers, which could cost you nothing less than a million Naira, to be conservative.

It may cost you three times more if you decide to advertise or announce the tournament during a TV program on SuperSports or Channels… Even if you have such amount of money to spend, I would rather advise you to cannel it into logistics that will ensure the tournament is a success.

It’s much cheaper to promote your tournament on the Internet. It’ll only cost you $100 (about N19, 800) to run a targeted Ad on Facebook for a month. It could really be effective to a certain measure. It means you’ll be required to create a Webpage where your Facebook Ad would direct interested traffic to.

With half the price of Facebook Ad, you could advertise on a football Website such as ($50 per month) or ($45 per month). But after one month your Ad will be removed from the site.

Attract over 1, 000 teams across Nigeria by posting your football tournament on this blog!

Cheer on Nigeria delivers something much cheaper and better. With just N45, 000 your tournament will get a ‘Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Post’ that will remain on the Internet forever! You will also get a bonus to insert (320 x 200) advert on the blog – free for a month!

I guess the most exciting thing is this; the blog will instantly share the post about your tournament to owners and Coaches of over 1, 000 clubs in Nigeria and 32 across Africa. These are people in their Opt-In and mail subscription data base.

So far, ‘Mock-Nation Cup’ Tournament in Ajegunle Lagos, Copa Lagos Beach Soccer and National Sports Festival, Eko 2011, effectively promoted their tournaments through this blog.

In fact, one reason Cheer on Nigeria has attained number one spot in this regard is the way international tournaments and other football organizations take advantage of its worldwide reach.

For  effective exposure of your tournament or sports events, lets work to post advertorial  a month. Tel: +234 809 877 2556, Email:

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