The Anatomy of A Typical Nigerian Footballer: Strength, Weakness, Exceptionalism...

Nigeria's brand of football is fashioned like that of the South Americans. Perhaps, due to some kind of transfer of football culture by earlier foreign coaches, Father Tico and Otto Gloria from Brazil, who were involved in the development of football in Nigeria during the 70s'.

I am also aware there was a second phase of football development in the country by Dutch coaches, Clemence Westerhof and Joannes Bonfere in the 90s, but you can rightly describe the Nigerian football style as mixture of African strong physical play and  South American techniques.

A typical Nigerian footballer plays like a Brazilian!

Strength: The Nigerian footballer is very strong on the ball. He can perfectly hid the ball and dribble to create spaces and make good passes. Most teams from Nigeria loves to play tip-tap, tossing the ball around and usually connect the attack line with long range passes.

Nigeria have better attackers that are very quick and can individually cut out several defenders with their makeovers and physical strength.

Most Nigerian midfielders are very imposing and could individually take over the control of the midfield by their ball winning skills as well as their ability to hold on the ball and try to dictate the pace of the game.

 A typical Nigeria defender is a hard core ball winner and ball stopper. He is so skillful to the extent that he can confidently toss the ball around and dribble at the back line, defiling every text book techniques. View the video of one of Nigeria's greatest footballers, Austin 'Jay jay' Okocha

Weakness: Most Nigerian players love to express themselves with the ball  and usually play to the gallery; displaying some high level of tactical indiscipline. Their inability to follow text book prescriptions and tactical changes during a game may be their greatest weak point.

Exceptionalism: You easily differentiate a Nigerian footballer unusual tenacity and ability to continue giving his best and not give up till the last whistle. Especially when the game isn't going the way of the team, you can depend on the Nigerian player in that team to motivate others and to help turn around the game.

Opportunities: The recent establishment of several world class academics in Nigeria as well as several youngsters finding their way to youth teams in Europe may help improve the quality of the Nigerian player.

Nigerian players are also getting offers from  top flight team around the world, making football profession one of  the great opportunities for youths in the country.

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  1. Well written by one who knows Nigerian players through and through.


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