10 Interesting Facts [You Probably Didn’t Know] about Sunday Oliseh’s Background

 Probably you didn’t know as much about Sunday Oliseh; why I personally think he is an interesting character we must handle with care as Nigeria’s national team coach.

But is Oliseh really the ‘Special One’ and why does he seem to possess such erratic behaviors as Jose Mourniho? His Father attested that Sunday is truly a special child, so different from his other siblings. He is intelligent, honest and bold to go after what he truly believes or want in life.

Sorry, I may disappoint you a little, but I’m not about to discuss Oliseh’s personality. What am about to share here may not be those kind of facts that can make headlines in the media or you can find in his profile. They are just tit chats of what I may call, ‘The missing Records of Sunday Ugochukwu Oliseh.’ I felt I should fill in the gaps of his earlier days.

You probably won’t find these facts anywhere else, except with the copy cats. I think that’s what makes it exclusive and interesting too. You’d get to know Oliseh better after you finish reading this article.

1.     First, let’s look at his earlier educational background. You’d already know that Oliseh got his first degree in Physical and Health Education at Lagos State University (LASU). But what you may know was that Oliseh represented LASU. He was in the school team at the 1991 NUGA games.

2.     Talking about his early football career, not many knew Oliseh earned his first pay as footballer when he signed for Durban Hotel FC, which featured in the Lagos Super League then.

3.     Oliseh was brought up in Festac town, but he soon began to mix-up with players from Ajegunle and often times followed his friend Emmanuel Okoduwa to train with Queen Park at St. Mary’s Catholic Church field Orege.
4.     But did you know Oliseh was discovered by Clemence Westerhof at the Mock nations cup tournament at Navy Barracks in Ajegunle? He was later called up to the national team to replace Friday Ekpo at the central midfield position.

5.     Oliseh later signed his first professional contract with Julius Berger FC, where he played alongside Emmanuel Amunike under coach Joe Erico. Today, both Oliseh and Amunike are now national team coaches.

I guess you got some new tit bits about Oliseh’s early football background before he travelled and became a world class star. Now let me tell you some interesting things about his family background;

6.     Oliseh’s family has a great football pedigree. His father once played as a goalkeeper in his hay days, but when he broke his hands he opted out and went on to Ahmadu Bello University Zaira to become an accountant. Oliseh’s father never saw football as a career as he always drive his children towards obtaining quality education. He did all he can to prevent them from passionately playing the game. But today, they seemed to have proved him wrong.

7.     Oliseh’s elder brother Churchill, turned out to be the most popular and probably, richest player’s Scout/ Agent in Nigeria. Though, Churchill is a qualified lawyer, he runs his own team FC, Abiede, which is the feeder team od FC Midjaadits of Demark. He has transferred a lot of Nigerian players abroad, including Obafemi Martins.

8.     Oliseh’s younger brothers Azubuike and Egwuatu also played for Nigeria’s cadet national teams as well as plyed their career sometime in Europe.

9.     Oliseh is a proud Nigerian. But did you know he is a native of Abavo in Delta State? Although, he spent most of his life in Lagos and Abroad.

10.       Oliseh is married to a Moroccan wife Hafidah and the name of their son is Danzel. Is there anything else you want to know about Oliseh? Post your comment below.

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