100% Football Freestyle Business in Nigeria: The Career and the Big Opportunities in the Country

Yes! We’ve seen some of them perform in reality TV shows like ’Nigeria Got Talent…’ but not many of the youngsters juggling football by the street corners in Nigeria has the slightest idea that they can make a fortune out of football freestyle career.

What is Football Freestyle or rather, who is a football freestyler?
A football freestyler is someone who performs tricks and skills with the football. There are no rules. It’s all about being creative with the ball. So what movement can you do with the football that looks unbelievably entertaining? ...that’s football freestyle.

There are different type of moves with football freestyle: the lower body moves, the upper body moves, ground tricks and combos, which are popular with current freestyles

The Interest and Business Opportunities in Nigeria
Freestyle quickly catches attention of the ever crazy football fans in Nigeria. Many think hiring a football freestyler will pep up their show and draw more people to the occasion or event.

Most major sporting events around the country like to put on a show; maybe before, during an interval or after the main events. Typical are Glo CAf Awards, Federations cup finals, commonwealth games, All African games or even National sports festival, which Nigerian states can host. An increasingly more attraction of fans to watch these unbelievably entertaining performances usually cause local organizers to hire or book a football freestyler or combination of freestylers.

Top brands such as Globacom, MTN, Coca-cola, and Guinness…will suffice. Brand managers in Nigeria are beginning to understand the impact and effects football freestyling show can add to their promotional efforts. So they are hiring more of them for TV Advertisement, Outdoor shows and other experiential marketing events.

Indeed, Football freestyling act could easily be fused into other events, whether it is a musical show, Fashion show, Companies PR Events or even weddings of football players or fans… but they are more suitable for football related events like matches, Awards, Fans Fests…

Many more young people are inspired with the opportunity of making a successful paid career from freestyling as major brands are always looking to hire a football freestyler. Now the interest is growing and there are more people willing to learn the act. Establishing a paid training centre across the country or football freestyle club were people can come to learn will be a good business or what do you think.

Of course, if you become that good, there are many Game shows around the world were you can compete and earn for yourself thousands of Dollars.  And more popularity could definitely lead to more hire, I mean more business.

How to Become a Football Freestyler
To become a football freestyler calls for patience and persistence. If you put your mind to it, no matter how difficult at first or what circumstance, you can reach your goal by practice. Learning football freestyle skills that you have already seen is fine and where to begin. All you have to do is watch the tricks, then practice and practice it.

Many learners prefer viewing online videos and using other resource to improve their skills, but professional training from football freestyling experts can be quicker and can help a great deal.

You Can Become the Best!
You can learn, anyone can learn football tricks and skills. It is about repetition, but having the genus to create something that has never been thought-of with ball is what sets you apart as one of the best in the business. So thinking out of the box is necessary.

Obviously, some people are more technically gifted and can create trick and skills from muse (divine inspirations) mush faster. But generally, if you practice and practice you can pick up some skills just like that. 

Trust me, the future of  professional football freestylers in Nigeria is so bright!

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