100% Original Premiership Jersey You Can Buy At Half the Price

We understand that Nigeria economy is passing through severe times such that the value of US$1 could worth as much as N400 or more in the following weeks. That means consumers have Naira in their pocket which can hardly buy anything in market.

It is awful, prices are rising by the day and remunerations remain static at N18, 000 minimum wages, which state governors are claiming they do not have such money to pay workers. That means “austerity measure.” Everyone would just have to cut down on his or her excesses.

It’s not for the football crazy Nigerians; fans are so passionate about the English Premiership and other top flight European league such that no matter what, they would still need to purchase the current Jersey of their favorite clubs.

No thanks to China made mass production replica Jerseys. But as we all know, not everyone can wear such low quality cloths.  Jersey has become part of fashion these days, especially for men. It is the best way to express the passion for the club you like and support.

There’s no better feeling when you come together with your class of friends fully kitted in your favorite club original outfit. I mean when you sit at the front row  in  such classic sport bar like “Heineken Football Planet, together with other fans cheering the players… oh sure, your outfit should be the original quality.

Apart from wearing your jersey to view matches at club centers and bars, you can also wear it to parties and hang outs. It’s the easy way to make new friends. Other people who support the same team as you do, would appreciate you and quickly align with you in discussions about the past matches or the upcoming games.  I guess you won’t want them to see you as another rife-rat? Your original Jersey can make you stand out.

It is better said, but to buy original jersey from club website or online stores like amazon.com or kitbag.com isn’t that easy. The lowest price at US$40 means you will paying as much as N15, 000 to 17, 000 for just one jersey.

This is the reason I’m introducing you to somehow , a parallel market, wher you can still buy 100% original Premiership jerseys for half the price; between N6, 000 – N8, 000. Shippment within Nigeria will not cost more than N2, 000.

Call: +234 809 877 2556, then you can exchange pictures of Jersey type and the size you want on WhatsApp. [Delivery is by Courier only) – so it’s pay before service!

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