3 Grandmasters of Freestyle Football in Nigeria – Watch this Amazing Video

Watching the grand masters perform in mainstream football match is like going to the gallery to see the beautiful works of some ingenious artists.

To see someone perform football skills that have never been seen before is truly amazing. The genius thinking that lead to the invention and creation of skills ‘outside of the box’ come from years of training in football freestyle.

Players like Austin J J Okocha would do things during the match that you would never have even dreamed of. And if you think Okocha is truly great, then you haven’t been opportune to see Alabani Siasia play.

Alabani would do things that you wouldn’t have even known was possible until he did it – that’s the difference in a good player and a true legend. These are the grand-masters of the game; the reason thousands of spectators throngs into the stadium arena in Nigeria and abroad wherever they played.

Let me share a little about these 3 Grand-masters of Freestyle football in Nigeria, in case you haven’t seen any of them perform their some worth terrific skills and tricks.

Austin JJ Okocha:
Many say freestyle football is a South American and Dutch thing, not until Pele, a world Freestyle Grandmaster, saw this rare gem from Africa perform both in the African Cup of Nations and FIFa World Cup in 1998. How Austin JJ Okocha mesmerized opponents with back flips, juggling the ball overhead players and performed such incredible leg-over that twisted the waist of many defenders;. It was such a football maverick that endeared fans as well as convinced PSG to splash $17 Million sign-on fees on him.

Some sports analysts say Okocha play too much to the gallery, but Nike commercials called it “Playing Beautifully.” Brazilian great  freestyler, Rolandinho confessed that he watches Okocha’s match videos, but sometimes, it was difficult to replicate those complicated skills and tricks he perform during match situation.  Click video below towatch some of Okocha’s amazing skills

Alabani Siasia:

Defenders were always being scared of being disgraced, because you wouldn’t know what next Alabani Siasia would do with the football. It took him only 15minutes to convince both Coach Joe Erico and the management of Julius Berger FC to sign him during his short stay in the Nigerian league.

Alabani could move the football with any part of his body. He juggled the ball with his head, shoulders, buttock, and knees and perform trick that held everybody spellbound, including fellow players and coaches. He was a delight to watch.

Alabani would put up such circus juggling act in a match situation; juggling the ball with his mouth while waiting for opponent to draw close. But would they, we only saw defenders withdrew back anytime Alabani held the ball.

In case you don’t knew, Alabani is the younger brother of Samson Siasia, former Super Eagles and now, Nigeria U23 national team head coach. Alabani took his skills and tricks to Germany Bundesliga, where he played for Bremen; but suffered many rough tackles from defenders, which got him injured and forced him out of the game.

Ndubusi Okosieme: 
Fellow players usually say Ndubusi Okosieme could not only dribble physical beings, but could also dribble invisible spirits on pitch. A prolific winger who played for Flamingoes and NNB in the 80s and 90s. Light up both the Flying Eagles and the senior national team that got fans yearning for more.

Okosieme moves with the football with so much ease. He often runs to the tinny touchline, he performs incredible double dutch skills that left the opponent wondering how he got the ball pass him. Okosieme could juggle the football while on a full speed run.

At eighteen yard box, under intense pressure, Okosieme would flip both his right and left legs and trick many defenders to fall flat on the ground; some twist their ankles or waists in the process. Okosieme is another terrific freestyler who injury forced out of the game at his prime.

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