How A Nigeria-Based Football Marketing Consultant Spends his Days Engaging 10 Million Fans on the Social Network

Nigeria-based football marketing and management consult, GreenHunters Sports International, gives the sport a stage beyond just the English Premier League actions on cable TV and NPFL matches at the various stadium arenas across the country. The company went ahead to set up its operations in such a way that millions of football consumers across the country and beyond could reach them in their preferable communication platform.

“So everything we do, from planning to execution is done with a focus on fans culture.” Said Benson Chukwueke, CEO of GreenHunters…

“The young football fan has grown up in a world of digital technology that allow him or her to live in two worlds: the physical and perhaps, more of virtual life…”

“I think sports organizations in Nigeria ain’t sensitive to the changing culture. The fans are being overlooked and under- appreciated. Of course as we all know, football is nothing without its fans.”

To that end, GreenHunters produces content for YouTube,  Facebook, Twitter  and Google+ through it’s subsidiary brand “Inspire Football” as well as its popular blog – CheerOnNigeria! That means Chukwueke spends his days consulting with over 10 million football consumers on the company’s  social network.

Increasingly, this plays out on Google+, where Chukwueke has over 12.5 million Page view;  256, 350 subscribers on Its IFLNetwork; and a cumulative 53, 224 social media followers as at the time of writing this post; then about 606, 234 blog view…

“it’s where our core audience of 15 to 30 years-olds  are most of the time and where we can establish a more authentic conversations with them…”   

We sat down with chukwueke and dug into what an average day is like for him and for his company:

“Well,  the job of engaging football consumers, I mean interacting with them either on telephone or Video conferencing on Skype, chats on Facebook messenger, What’s app… is a 24/7 thing. The calls and promptings keep coming by minutes, even when I am offline in church service or in bed in the early hours of morning – 2am… to my wife’s chagrin.

“The company is always entering into one form of partnership agreement or another, so most times I stay up late to look at these documents. I also develop content for our blog post,when time permits.”

“Om Monday morning, I wake up by 5.30am, pray and quickly take my bath, then I ahead out to the stadium where we assess young players and consult with from 8:00 to about 12:00noon.

By 12:30pm or so, I am in a meeting with the three content developers to plan for the week. Usually, a lot would have gone through the weekend that would require our attention. So it is about progress report and strategic deliberations for the week.

By 4:30pm after break period, we may go into research or brainstorming session depending on what’s on ground.

Our job is principally sport marketing, so we are always in meetings at different levels and purposes; either initiating a marketing program or going through sale negotiation process or even closing a deal.

Our company consult with and for various clients on a daily basis including: Football players and coaches representation, consultation with team owners and managers, consultation with League and tournament organizers and administrators….

These are some of our services:
We discover and package local players to jump start professional football career either in the country or abroad.
We represent top players and coaches in contract negotiations with clubs or corporate endorsements.

  • We provide marketing support for teams to attract both fans and sponsors

  • We provide marketing support for tournament organizers seeking sponsorship

  • We facilitate Football training and seminars for different level of sport professionals

  • We publish and provide marketing support for sales and distribution of football educational materials

  • We facilitate training tours for teams and training camp for individual players.

  • We also facilitate friendly matches with both local teams or teams abroad…

You can Contact us for further inquiries – Call: +234 809 877 2556 or email:

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