Football in Nigeria: A to Z, Everything You Need to Know

 It’s a big promise:    A to Z of everything you need to know about Nigeria Football!

The topic is large! Nigeria has a rich football culture and a vast history that may require volumes of books in any attempt to cover every aspect of the industry. So, it seems impossible for this one article to claim it can deliver everything you need to know about football in Nigeria.

But just wait a second; I can approach this article in a different way so that it could still deliver on its promise.

When I say “step-by-step guide” I was actually thinking of how to make this post a very important index that will link readers to other articles, white papers or contacts where they can find the needed information about football in Nigeria.  By this, you may not need to Google and Google for hours or even days. We have decided to do the research for you and present those links in this post so your work can easier and faster. I feel you should say – thank you!

You’re welcome! Now, let’s get to work. What do you want to know about Nigeria football? Check out the links below to see if it covers the topic of your interest:

History and Archives of Nigeria football:

Football institutions in Nigeria and their contacts:

Stadiums and other sporting facilities in Nigeria:

Nigeria national teams participations and trophies:

Leagues and important tournaments in Nigeria:

Professional clubs and grassroots football in Nigeria:

Football Journalism and media broadcasters in Nigeria

Football kits and training equipment shops in Nigeria:

Football marketing and intermediaries in Nigeria

Corporate Sponsors and football Support services in Nigeria:

I know it is impossible to exhaust all the links required to cover the subject matter, but will continue to update the article to make more robust in the future. Contact us in case you didn’t find exact information you needed. Call: +234 809 877 2556 or email:

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