Football Player’s Agent [as an Intermediary] – Everything You Need to Know about the Job

This is a three parts article on Football Player’s Agent as an Intermediary:

  • [Here is] Player’s Agent [As an Intermediary] Everything you need to Know About the job

Who is a Football Player’s Agent?
By definition, a football Player’s Agent is  any person who is permitted by the football association of his country  of nationality and fully recognized by FIFA as an Intermediary i.e. player’s representative in football market operations.

A professional football player’s career could be complicated without an Agent. The fact is, not many players have adequate skills to negotiate employment terms with club’s management. So a player contracts an agent to represent him in such matters and in return the agent is compensated with a percentage commission from the player’s remunerations (Sign-on fees or salary as the case may be) negotiated in the employment deal.

Job Description of a Player’s Agent
Primarily, the job of a player’s Agent is to introduce a player to clubs, trying to negotiate or re-negotiate an employment contract for the player.

He also introduces two clubs to one another with a view to concluding a transfer deal for his client (Player) – from one club to another.

In modern practice, the description above may fall short if we consider the ever expanding functions of football like a player’s guardian angel or player’s manager so to say.

These days, Agents take care of most matters regarding a player’s well being. Let me mention just a few below:

  • Legal and tax matters

  • Media and public relations

  • Get medical assistance

  • Investment executions and management

  • Housing, holiday and travel arrangements

  • Player’s family matters

  • Sponsorship and endorsement negotiations

  • Liaison between club and national team…

The modern player’s agent often act with parental concern for young footballers many of whom have come from difficult backgrounds or quit the educational system early; leaving them with few of the life skills required to deal with the unbelievable amount of money thrown at them.

With a footballer’s career barely lasting more than 20 years, a good agent will help a player to plan a successful career path, manage the finances, avoid the usual vices such as illicit sex, gambling and alcohol; and help the player cultivate a role model image that is appealing to commercial brands.

What are the Qualifications and Skills Required?
The requirement really is that any candidate who wants to become a football player’s agent must have an impeccable reputation – no criminal record for financial or violent crime.

Under no circumstance, as the FIFA Player’s Agent regulation states, hold a position as an official, employee at FIFA, a Confederation, An Association, a League, a club or any organization connected with such organizations and entitles.

Of course, anyone who wants to become a player’s agent should have a passion and in-depth knowledge of football business practices as well as the rules and regulations governing the transfer market.

A football player’s agent should be a pro negotiator and marketing expert. The job involves negotiation, negotiation and lots negotiation – that will be what you eat sleep and do every day of your career life.

An agent should be able to always present his client (Player) in the best possible light.

These days, we see that more lawyers, sport marketing and management professionals and ex-football players are taking up the job, but there are no restrictions other than the ones mentioned above. So we also see parents and relations becoming agents to their siblings.

Perhaps, an interview with officials of your country’s football association will be enough to obtain the Player’s intermediary Permit.

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